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(Completely Unrelated) Why Don't People Like Adrian The Llama?


Why Don't People Like Adrian The Llama?  

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  1. 1. Why Don't People Like Adrian The Llama?

    • Is it because of his teeth?
    • Is it jealousy?
    • Is it because of his "fans"?

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Poor old Adrian, The Llama. There he is, just being an awesome Camelid - and happening to be more successful than those Alpacas or Dromedary and Bactrian Camels - and yet some people don't take to him.

This brief little poll is just to ask why? Why doesn't everybody love Adrian (The Llama)? Why, when he's clearly better than any other Camelid you care to mention? Actually he's probably better than any other Ungulate going too. Maybe even Mammal? Yeah, maybe...

Why, people? WHY???

Reason #1. His Teeth:


People are always talking shit about Adrian's (The Llama) teeth. But is this just an excuse? I mean, his teeth are no worse than any other llama's out there. But then those llamas don't have all the other great stuff that Adrian (The Llama) has.

Reason #2. Jealousy:


Or is this why? Because Adrian (The Llama) has it all, doesn't he? And some haters can't take that. They're always going to hate though, aren't they? They're so blinded by the unquestionable awesomeness of Adrian (The Llama).

Reason #3. His "Fans":


Just maybe though it's all us Adrian (The Llama) fans that are winding the infidels up? But then they need to be told, don't they? Silly non-believing other Camelid lovers...

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I don't mind his teeth at all

I mean my favorite animal is the European Castaor**, so i am not going to be picky about teeth,Am I?

I am not really jealous because I can't compare myself to the Llama, right?

Our life are so completely different it would be stupid to be jealous?

So, no it's not jealousy because I envy nothing Adrian have (or maybe the way he mates? 20 to 45 mnts of luv making is way much better than my last lover!) So yeah I could envy that if I was a Llamaphile? I am European after all, i might like that kind of perverted thing...?)

His fans?


well most of his fans grabbing the bars on Adrian's cage at the bellazoo, are saying a lot of shit... But! When u throw shit in a fan and stay in front of it u do know what's happening right?

I guess I don't mind her fan(s) because from where I am (not in front of the fan(s)) I am having a lot of fun seeing them to talk a lot of hot air. It is quite amusing =)

All of this to say: I actually like Adrian The Llama

**The beaver (genus Castor)

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