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Models And Their Vogue Covers

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Taylor Hill 6


Vogue Mexico May 2016 by Terry Tsiolis

Vogue España May 2016 by David Bellemere

Vogue Paris September 2016 by Mert and Marcus

Vogue UK February 2017 by Patrick Demarchelier

Vogue Japan December 2017 with Nikolai Danielsen and Jonathan Bellini by Giampaolo Sgura

Vogue España January 2018, by Bjorn Iooss


13102674_1096703240349761_4947116688491940424_n.jpgtumblr_o6278f3iei1vstnjqo9_1280.jpg  es.pinterest.com.jpg


taylor-hill-and-anna-ewers-by-patrick-demarchelier-vogue-uk-february-2017.thumb.jpg.ce0f300ed57303a789191f387eb43014.jpg  nikolai-danielsen-taylor-hill-by-guampaolo-sgura-vogue-japan-december-2017.thumb.jpg.119a3570f6b5f8e45a4c2a844bb35b80.jpgtaylor-hill-by-bjorn-iooss-for-vogue-spain-january-2018.thumb.jpg.2226da743cb89bacddf61c3369815ee8.jpg

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Rianne van Rompaey: 7

Vogue Italia September 2014

Vogue Netherlands January 2016

Vogue Italia March 2016

Vogue Germany June 2016

Vogue China October 2016

Vogue Russia October 2016

Vogue Paris November 2017



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On 28/1/2014 at 10:58 AM, Squeege Beckenheim said:

Cameron Russell: 8

Vogue Russia April 2006

Vogue Germany July 2010

Vogue Italia July 2013

Vogue Paris April 2014

Vogue Turkey April 2014

Vogue Italia September 2014

Vogue Mexico October 2014

Vogue Spain June 2015


cameronr.jpg cameronr2.jpg Vogue_Italia_July_2013_Steven_Meisel_02a.jpg V0gue_Paris_946_Avril_2014_1.jpg 1495193_10152347558432722_1896218177_o.jpg Pnx_MXp7.jpg VM15_Qa8d_MXk_I.jpg voguespain_june15_cameron_article.jpg


   Vogue Russia July 2006 by Anthony Ward




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On 16/3/2014 at 1:32 PM, Squeege Beckenheim said:

Anna Maria Jagodzinska: 10

Vogue Australia August 2005

Vogue Germany March 2006

Vogue Italia October 2008

Vogue Italia January 2009

Vogue US May 2009

Vogue Italia September 2009

Vogue Portugal October 2009

Vogue China March 2010
Vogue Turkey June 2011
Vogue Mexico September 2011

image.jpg 001_image.jpg 002_image.jpg 003_image.jpg 004_image.jpg 005_image.jpg 006_image.jpg 007_image.jpg 008_image.jpg 009_image.jpg

     Vogue Deutsch October 2004




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Irina Shayk: 17

Vogue Spain November 2013

Vogue Mexico January 2014
Vogue Spain June 2014 
Vogue Brasil August 2014
Vogue Spain September 2014 
Vogue Mexico October 2014

Vogue Turkey February 2016 
Vogue Germany August 2016 

Vogue Japan August 2016 
Vogue Russia September 2016 

Vogue Brazil January 2017 (2 covers)

Vogue Japan March 2017

Vogue Russia March 2017

Vogue Germany May 2017

Vogue Spain August 2017

Vogue Mexico October 2017

Vogue Italia December 2017


1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.png5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg10.jpgbrazil 17.01 2.jpgbrazil 17.01.jpg590b183a98a58_japan03.thumb.jpg.7bd23bdf6c1aed1bb82a9d11d10a387f.jpg590b184607f67_russia03.thumb.jpg.cb34deb293befba590e9f9f4f97f61c4.jpgIrina-Shayk-Vogue-Germany-May-2017-620x810.thumb.jpg.16229c5cc5726dcdc53df2ca8bc30747.jpg59a2ba632307f_voguespainaugust.thumb.JPG.9a3c35e9de8be26510485956e363971c.JPGpEQIBK8P_o.thumb.jpg.9fabda783ba92a52b070b12964155b31.jpg56fb0fe7-518e-4260-9321-b4abe3a317f4.thumb.jpg.974ac074f2f05473196ab59dfed69843.jpg

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Imaan Hammam: 12

Vogue US September 2014

Vogue Netherlands September 2015

Vogue Italia April 2016

Vogue Japan February 2017

Vogue UK February 2017

Vogue China March 2017

Vogue US March 2017

Vogue Arabia April 2017

Vogue Japan May 2017

Vogue Spain July 2017

Vogue Netherlands October 2017

Vogue US December 2017


1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg1-VOGUE_JAPAN_FEBRUARY_2017_LUIGI_IANGO-COVER-900x424.jpguk 17.02.jpg5905fc3f096cc_china033.thumb.jpg.a8c859693244450fa4ac5491e1f883db.jpgmarch-cover-story.thumb.jpg.36eb7d67b8e323963192253efa2003c4.jpgunnamed.thumb.jpg.bb59b18281a36ac48d249b16246c0cd7.jpg5905fc615fbd9_japan05.thumb.jpg.40e650c718da8562e329184304b2608d.jpg59a2babf54df4_spainjuly.thumb.jpg.b252aca6fe3b63c4c46afdc0be3caae9.jpg59f88eb6aec7c_VogueNetherlandsOctober20171.thumb.jpg.1601527dd0342c925ca521999dd43b4c.jpgImaan-Hammam-Pharrell-Williams-by-Mario-Testino-Vogue-US-December-2017-760x1034.thumb.jpg.fe421a69c3ea35db1b6e4f7a57a8c94f.jpg


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On 14/10/2016 at 7:44 PM, Squeege Beckenheim said:

Anne Vyalitsyna: 9

Vogue Greece October 2002

Vogue Russia May 2003

Vogue UK July 2003

Vogue Russia March 2005

Vogue Mexico December 2008

Vogue Spain November 2010

Vogue Russia November 2011

Vogue Mexico July 2012

Vogue Portugal October 2016



I already did Anne V covers

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