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Does she really have a 93 cm hips? I have 97 and look like her in the hip area.

Her waist could be smaller than yours, giving the illusion of larger hips, but there's a very strong chance her agency fudged her measurements to make her more bookable.

And a little bit of Nadine to get this thread back on track.

rci9qpNa.jpg CeIfzXra.jpg zeOED87Z.jpg hnoRr7Sw.jpg 9mVFtQVj.jpg

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Pic and conversation deleted. While it did not break any rules, enough people did complain about it that the staff decided it would just be best to remove the pic and the conversation all together to avoid further arguments. Thank you! ~katchitup + staff  :)

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Okay, so I know I'm not the best artist when it comes to drawing but I do like to draw and mostly recreate pictures. And I really liked this picture of Nadine and tried to recreate it. I know it's not perfect, the freckles are missing and there are still little details that I need to fix but I don't think it's bad. 


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