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Site for Saks Fifth Avenue Back Catalogs


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Hi everyone,

I am new here and this is my first post. Hope it is appropriate to post this new topic here.

Lately I have 'discovered' a model named Giorgos Tsetis. He did catalog work for Saks Fifth Avenue around 2010. I managed to search for a couple of pictures of his work from the internet but that's is. The SAKS site only carries the new arrivals and no archived items on the site. This is the same for most clothing sites that sell SAKS clothes. This means that most of his modelling work would have gone forever. As much as I believe this is the case and it is a pity that I only noticed Giorgos until now, I was also wonderig if you ever come across a site or blog where posting back catalogs of stores such as SAKS, H&M etc. There are sites where back catalogs of entertainment magazines (such as the Rolling Stone) are avaliable. Just curious whether similar ones exist for fashion.

Anyway, million thanks for everyone who posted pictures in this forum. I certainly enjoy a lot of your nice work! :wave:


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Hello Daniel,

there are certain sites who keeps those pictures ,like for example prshots keeps pictures of next,marks&spencer,primark,etc.

on the other hand there are sites like louis sayn who have their own picture database,and older pics are possibly to find...

but for saks,i dont know if they keep their pics somewhere,but even if they did its going to be password only,like most of sites does for their media&press column..

as for the magazines its easier i think, cuz most of the previous issues are kept in issue.com

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