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They are shooting for H&M swim! So amazing, Adriana is killing it!



So VS and H&M swim? Isn't that a conflict with her VS contract?



If alessandra was able to shoot in puerto rico also, and she too has her own swim line, I don't see it being a problem anymore.


And I think in the past somehow doutzen has shotten for H &M swim and VS swim


Really it just comes down to what exactly what they were shooting for in puerto rico for alessandra to be able to participate and also adriana

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I think its possible. Because we don't know exactly what they were doing for VS back in puetro rico. It maybe was just a music video and they got their best angels to participate.


And like I said, if it was so important to VS Swim, Ale wouldn't have been able to participate neither.


It would actually be impossible for it to be loreal because Adriana has maybelline.

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