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PEople are just ignorant I bet there isn't No other model or woman that looks that good when all sweaty and tired and pregnant with no makeup on. Adriana is like the only supermodel that actually let people see her sweat and without makeup and that fact that she wasn't even afraid to show it actually makes it better. Plus it even matter because Adriana is married and no longer needs to impress any males (saw two boys say they didn't like it but one man said she still looked beautiful sweaty and all) and she looks better than the average females who said it was ugly. People are so quick to find flaws in Adriana they lable it as a no makeup picture, not even considering that fact that she is tired and sweaty. Lmao they didn't have anything to say when she posted the other no makeup pics. Smh society kills me

I agree with you, no one is perfect everyone has flaws and those people talking all that negativity well they probably don't even look half as good after a workout or their girlfriends don't look even close to as good as her. She looks absolutely great in that pic. Instead of criticizing maybe they need to get their fat lazy butts in the gym too!

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Wow!! I think this is my favorite outfit by far! She looks sooooo gorgeous in black and blue. I know I love her in purple and green, but I think black and blue as a combo is my most favorite. Especially in this dress. Wow! That dress is so gorgeous to me. :) Thanks for the pics!!! :) :)

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She's stunning as always!

And she looks so cute next to Marko... :blush:

Adriana looks beautiful....she almost got it right with the outfit, almost. Dress would look better without those feathers or whatever it is, IMO.

Haha, Adriana's taste in clothes... :p

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