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Brazilian Supermodel Adriana Lima out and about in an SUV in New York City

May 15th 2009

post-17603-0-1446073777-77653_thumb.jpg th_d4060235976216.gif/monthly_05_2009/post-17603-0-1446073777-81277_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3489709" alt="post-17603-0-1446073777-81277_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="148.64">

Her face is getting so full...it's so cute

her face is perfection :) Sadly, there are just some pics :( want more!

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After looking at it, it does look photo shopped, it's defiantly her, it's the same VS lingerie, same set, and it's def her body but it looks as if she was grabbing something else because otherwise he would have to be super super tall.

But even if it wouldn't have been photoshopped, she's a 27 year old woman who would have been joking around and her then fiancee knows who he's marrying a goofy outgoing girl, she's not as innocent as some people like to believe she is. I adore her but she's a grown woman with a vivacious personality. Also he's not her fiance, it's her husband now. :)

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If it's photoshopped, it's one hell of a good shop job.

But yea, looks like he's standing on something.

And it's definitely her arm. She has pretty big arms, especially since she started boxing. And if she's pressing her arm against her torso, it's naturally going to look bigger. Plus the camera angle of course.

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