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i acutally liked her with the prince he was classyer then lenny and he has weath and power in his family hes a great person to keep adriana secrue and start a family with her because i know she weanted kids and hesnto unatractive hes just not the hottest thing but w/e its her personal life

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this effing sucks..her boyfriend sucks...this SUCKS. i think you get the point..i always liked the prince..

people complained about his big head but really you can get beyond that..or maybe not lol anywaysssss they should re-think the relationship..because i doubt its irreconsilable..and plus the new boy-friend could use some masculinity...where are the real mennn c'monnn :p

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I do not want to start the problem here, but I have a right to give my opinion.

I totaly agree with you Lorelei, who are we to judge abouth her boyfriends. My personal opinion on the new boyfriend is that he is attractive and I have heard that he is a good singer. As for her ex (the prince), he wasn't ugly, but he wasn't hot either, I am sure that our Adriana had found something nice and beautiful about him. Who knows what happend in their relationships, we are just in the position to guess and to give our opininions, not to judge.

Have a nice day, guys and please do not make any problems about this comment, it's just another opinion on this forum!

:heart: :wave: :kiss:

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Thank you for posting pictures :kiss: :heart:

And the others, please... Who are you to judge ? Are you all supermodels ? Do you only choose boyfriends, friends who are good looking ? Beauty is subjective, beauty is everywhere.

I dont' understand it either. I guess her choice in men as far as looks may be a testament to her character in that she (as she has stated) is more concerned bout him as a person than what he/she has to offer (ie money). I mean if she really really wanted to she could just date mega millionaires, marry them, and never have to worry about anything in life again. I mean she makes good money a couple million a year but she date men worth hundres of millions maybe even a billionaire.

Maybe she doesn't date models b/c she doesn't want to date a guy in the same profession. Or maybe its true that they have bigger egos than the women.

As long as her BF isn't verbally abusing her or beating her to a pulp who cares who she dates as long as she's happy :heart:

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