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You know whats cool? She wore skulls before they became popular. :wub: I like her necklace.

Heck yah she did and that's why I like her style...she's original...she wore it way before it became popular. :D

And when did skulls become 'popular'? They've always been popular I thought.

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they've been way popular before that. Skulls, as far as i can remember have been popular since i was in the 9th grade, and i am now 19. they've been around for quite a while, just stars havent really worn them till avril lavigne (or however you spell her name) came out and started that whole punk routine. then there was hilary duff, and now lindsay.

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But VS hasn't always incorporated them into their clothing and they are now...skulls are trendy right now and have been for the past 5 or so months. I mean VERY trendy anyway.

Never noticed, b/c I've always loved them. I don't see many celebs wearing them though.

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