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13 hours ago, lucyford said:

@Neska  Remember that IG hoax back in like summer? Where she reposted this and left if up too long despite everyone making fun of her and telling her it’s fake in the comments. Just saying that just shows she’s not really smart with tech/internet/social media. So if she falls for this silly thing and doesn’t realize that’s not how things work, I can see her being unaware that when she deleted her IG stories, they are still on FB. 



Oh, Okey, thankyou for the information, i didnt know it. 

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Im pretty sure the “blue” is lighting/filter. Last time she cut her hair, it looked red to me and turned out just being filter/lighting. 


I like the light brown highlights tho. Didn’t she get brown highlights 2 years ago?? But only had them for a little bit

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2 hours ago, dilhixitah said:


I saw this photo on their Twitter and Insta too but didn’t pay attention because photo is a throwback ,not new or unseen. But noticed a detail by your post; it’s an “official account” and verified, so there must be a reason!? Or am i reading too much into it?

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