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21 hours ago, Miss Bathory said:

I Think thw only job that e will se this year will be on Maybelline


Well, she is still trying to lose weight. I hope she don't lose too much. We don't want a recap of VS fashion show 2015  lol. But yeah, I think she is more focused on finding her love for training back. I really hope thats what it is, and its not, work isn't coming because she has sabotaged her career. Lets hope thats not the case, and that she is still trying to focus more on her health and getting wherever she thinks she needs to be at. Because she isn't just sitting at home, she has still been detoxing and working out.

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Yeah Valentina a fair deal like Adriana. She has most of her features, she just doesn't have her eyes/eyebrows. But I noticed since she was a toddler that she had adriana's smile and the high cheekbones. She basically has Adriana's actual facial structure. And according to Adriana she is the one that seems to want to model/doesn't mind modelling. Looking at the photos they took for Vogue, she (valentina) is pretty good at it too.


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