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She has really gotten her body into the best shape she could have. Her body never looked as good in pencil skirts. And she kept her ass lol


I don't like the makeup the artists used for any of the their models though. Alot of the ladies there have way more potential than the makeup allowed to show. All of their makeup could have been better

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I love Gigi. I really do, but my eyes went straight to Adriana :rofl:

This was my reaction too, elfstone. And the reason is that Adriana remains unsurpassed. I have my obvious favorites (and lots of other threads testify to that). But she remains in a category all her own, which is obvious every time she appears with others. I find myself always focused on her first. Period. 

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Gigi is a little bit fat or what?


I don't think so. True she isn't as skinny as like kendall. But body wise I think Adriana is still bigger than gigi even. (but that may also be due to the fact that despite not being very skinny she still doesn't have much of a shape). Gigi just has a chubby face. Like Adriana did,I remember those who hate on her love to make fun of that. just gigi has them to an extreme degree lol. Her body isn't as big as her face. So she isn't fat.

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