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Match 1 Andy

Match 2 Esti

Match 3 Esti

Match 4 Nicolas

Match 5 Sasha

Match 6 Sasha

Match 7 Esti

Match 8 Irina

Match 9 Esti

Match 10 Sasha

Match 11 Nicolas

Match 12 Irina

Match 13 Nicolas

Match 14 Sasha

Match 15 Irina

Match 16 Nicolas

Match 17 Sasha

Match 18 Esti

Match 19 Sasha

Match 20 Andy

Match 21 Andi

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Match 1 Andy

Match 2 Andy

Match 3 Esti

Match 4 Nicolas

Match 5 Nicolas

Match 6 Shanina

Match 7 Andi

Match 8 Andy

Match 9Nicolas

Match 10Sasha

Match 11 Nicolas

Match 12 Andi

Match 13 Andy

Match 14Sasha

Match 15 Shanina

Match 16 Nicolas

Match 17 Andy

Match 18Shanina

Match 19Sasha

Match 20 Andy

Match 21 Shanina

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So the first Logo-Trio is ...

Behati, Karlie and Dioni!!

D1347050281803565_1.jpg D1347050281803565_2.jpg D1347050281803565_3.jpg

Donbot will design the new Logo and said to do it quickly, so keep your eyes open for a change in a matter of days :wave:

The Trio will stay for about 3 month and the we will move down this list:

2. Klara, Emily, Marloes

3. Katsia, Doutzen, Anais

4. Marcella, Barbara, Sigrid

5. Laetitia, Cintia, Jon

6. Xenia, Natasha, Irina

7. Heather, Matt, Christy

8. Solange (formerly known as UTM2, Esti, Bregje

9. Andy, Rachel, Natalia

10. Auguste, Coco, Charlotte

Thank you all soooo much for participating, you were awesome!! :grouphug:

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Care for a little statistic? :whistle:

So, the winner of the Logo competition is clearly Single Ladie - four of her nominations made it to the Logo list! Congrats, girl!!

Single Ladie 4

(Irina, Natalia, Rachel, Coco)

Follow ups are:

Donbot 2

(Dioni & Marloes)

Jennka 2

(Behati & Bregje)

Katchitup 2

(Karlie & Doutzen)

Ketrin 2

(Emily & Xenia)

Ophelia Immortal 2

(Cintia & Solange)

Liika 2

(Jon & Andy)

Pink Couture 2

(Marcella & Matt)

DizzyMissLizzy 1


Vogue girl 1


Squeege Beckenheim 1


ILUVBarbaraPalvin 1


MissLimaVzla 1


Mahi 1


Frenchkiki 1


DanniCullen 1


Roger Moore 1


Xeno77 1


Cop11 1


Carmelita 1


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Nice One Carm, thank you for all your hard work, that could not have been easy! (one o in more btw, call me Rodge!)

Much Kudos to Single Ladie :surrender:

Awesome to see one of mine made it! I do have some taste then :unsure:

I would like to thank my Mum, my support team (without which I would be lost) and Donbot for the inspiration I have found in his work!!


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Wow,we're finished,congratulations for us all. :ddr:

Carmelita,special thanx for your hard work and efforts. :hug:

Thanx for Donbot too,and Wow,SL is the top winner,congrats SL, :heart:

Really,never imagined that one of my contributions would made it,it was little thing I did,then it worked.

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Ah, it wasn't so much work, guys, you did all the nominations and votings and keep participating, though it took aaaages to get here :grouphug:

And I'm so glad we will get a change finally, I don't care who's up next :hehe:

If you have any ideas for further competitions on the Logo please feel free to post, I thought this would be the most democratic way to run a poll on it ...

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