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Hey guys, I know you've been waiting ages for a change of the logo pic - me too! - and finally the staff came to an agreement of the terms! :kiss:




Send in up to 10 portrait pictures of your favorite male/female model/actor until 02.06.12 (12pm CET). Then the poll starts.



Everyone can submit up to 10 favorite portrait pictures of either

male model

female model



Please take current Logo as example. We need a clear view of the FACE.

You can either

send to CarMELita (me) a pm with the pictures/ a link to the pictures


post the pictures/ a link to the pictures in this thread


via E-Mail to [email protected]

Submission phase will be closed on 02.06.2012.

No pictures will be accepted after this date (12 pm CET).

Then the poll phases begins.

Phase 1:

Let's say we have 10 pics of Gisele submitted. The first poll will be to vote for the best one of those. This will continue for every model/actor/actress with more than one pic submitted, until the picture with the most votes is singled out. Voting starts with the post of the pictures and is open for three days (no votes will be counted after 12 pm CET).

Phase 2:

Now the models/actors/actresses will compete in direct polls. To get the pairing as fair as possible I will write each name on a piece of paper and make a blind draw.

Then we do it like in soccer: let's say we have a list of - to make it easy - 16 names, we divide those into 4 groups (Thanks to littledesaster for providing soccer knowledge).

Group I





Group II


Group III


Group IV


Then the contestants of "Group I" will compete against each other, 3 points for win, 1 point for tie, 0 for loose. Person with most points makes 1st place etc. Those with exactly same points get into another competition against each other for a clear positioning. Voting starts with the post of the battle and is open for three days (no votes will be counted after 12 pm CET).

Then we do the same for the other Groups.

Phase 3:

Reforming of the Groups:

Group V=

1st place Group I

1st place Grup II

1st place Group III

1st place Group IV

Group VI= the 4 second places of the Groups 1-4

Now, it's depending on how many contestants we got. If there are many we just take places 1 and 2 into the final decision. If we haven't got so many we continue with the 3rd and 4th places.

Then the contestants of "Group V" will compete against each other and so on (3 points for win, 1 point for ties, o for loose). Voting starts with the post of the battles and is open for three days (no votes will be counted after 12 pm CET).

In the end we'll get a list like that:

Group V





Group VI:





(Group VII: 9.,10.,11.,12.; Group VIII: 13.,14.,15.,16.)

First place is up next for Logo, then 2., then 3., etc.


Logo will change every 2 to 3 month, depending on workload of the admins.

If this competition is a success, the contestants that made it on the list this time, are excluded for the next turn.


So it's up to you now, send in your logo favorites and spread the word - the more, the merrier!

EDIT: So the points are pretty pointless, it'll be either win or loose. The first 4 places move on to next round.

Edited by CarMELita
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It's been a loooong time :woot: And I still don't know who's the girl in the current logo :p

Here mine :wave:

M Models:

Jeremy Dufour


Nicolas Bemberg


Hugo Sauzay


F Models:

Erin O'Connor


Hiliary Rhoda


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but what about the copy right ?

because a logo is not a picture you share, it's a LOGO. use a photographer's stuff, maybe magazine or advertising or catalogue without legal autorisation could create big troubles because bellazon is enough famous and this is not a little unknown forum. suggest pictures is nice but members should add the photographer name and then his client. because if bellazon wanna chose it they will be obliged to contact them to know if they are allowed to use their business as bellazon's new logo... :ninja:

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Yes, if you use the original picture, it's copyright protected. If you work on it and make something new, like the BZ Logo - and we could also alter the colors somewhat - it's okay, as far as I know. Since we don't make any money with it, I don't think there'll be any problems. There never has been before and we've always had a Logo girl. In addition, we can take it down in a second if the owner of the copyright wants us to.

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