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Nicole Trunfio


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Hi everyone,

wow what a babe :wacko:

wonderfull girl, fantastic posts, amazing collecting work from Dessi and Nicola Trunfio... I'm stunned, impressed and furious to discover Nicole that late... :blush:

It's just too bad that so many pictures in the beginning of this thread are so small, she's so gorgeous

thanks and bye

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from imdb:

Nicole Trunfio


Two Fists, One Heart (2008) (post-production) .... Jessica

Plot summary:

Anthony Argo is a young Italian/Australian boxer being pushed by his Sicilian father-trainer, Joe, to the limit. Joe wants Anthony to achieve the success in the ring that he, himself, was denied as a young man. When Anthony meets Kate, he begins to see his life - and the role of violence - in a different light. He loses focus on boxing and, in a confrontation with his father, learns about Joe's painful past. Joe turns his back on his son. But when Joe is betrayed by another boxer, Anthony decides to honor his father and his family Written by Baseline Studio Systems

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Great news, Nicole has got some spring summer campaigns. She is in the "Lacoste" adds as well as the new "Guess" adds. Hope to see some more modelling from her, i really miss her on the runway!!!

Oh, I would like to see these ads :blush:

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