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In a rare interview, Gisele recalls early career : "I was not among the most beautiful "
The model über covers 14 years of the magazine and gave an extensive and rare testimony in which he talks about his children , Vivian and Benjamin , and her husband, athlete Tom Brady


Age 14 - the age that Quem celebrates this edition - a beautiful girl of Rio Grande do Sul was taking its first steps on the catwalk . Two decades later, she is the most successful top of the world , mother performed exemplary human being . Nasmastê , Gisele Bündchen !


In rare testimony to the editorial director of WHO , Lucia Barros , the über model told a little more of her life "fairy tale " and recalled the start of her career : "I saw very early on that a career based on ideals of beauty , I needed to differentiate myself in some way , because I was not among the most beautiful . then I watched everything that was happening around me and saw how I could learn and help people . Was always and am grateful for the opportunity to be doing this work and tried to give as much of myself - in fact , I always tried to give more than expected what was in mind : .  like how I do to make myself indispensable "


The Brazilian model also explained how the relationship with the children , Vivian Lake , 1 year and 10 months , and Benjamin , 4 , besides husband , Tom Brady , 37 . " The kitchen is often a gathering place indoors. Stay together We love preparing breakfast . Children like putting the vegetables in the centrifuge and help make green juice . 's Always great when we're all together ," said model, which proved to be too sentimental . "I 'm like butter - melt and get emotional easily . "



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Because all of her pics are so amazing, and people never get tired of buying them/seeing them again, so i guess this is why they have all the repints. and of course, because it would be very expensive to hire Gisele to shoot with her, especially for a small magazine :)


But still, her old pics sell like hot bread even though this particular pic is not that old. But i ve see 2004 pics still being reprinted.

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