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Little-known facts about Chuck Norris


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LOL! that crap is so funny...but seriously....what is the deal with Chuck Norris? So many people in my school say stupid shit about him all teh time like today:

Some girl and me in an argument:

Me: fuck off

the chick: u need to go fuck yourself.

The kid who loves talking about CN: No she can't. Only Chuck Norris can do that.


(watching a movie)

Me: Is that Chuck Norris?

That kid: No....How could you confuse him....thats illegal in 13 states u know....

(another one)

That kid: Chuck Norris can divide my zero.

I think that is so stupid. He sas crap about him all the damn time. It scares me.

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More Chuck. :laugh;


Seriously, what's the deal with this guy? Everyone talks about him... :blink:

I've noticed this too. its just wierd. everyone rants about him. its getting annoying though still slightly funny.

It's a fad. We had the same thing with Kevin Bacon and six degrees of Kevin Bacon a few years back. Everyone was playing that silly game then.

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