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A Moment Like This


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Hey, I've never started any topic here and here's my first :wave: (I guess :p)

Idea comes out because I was thinking about some of my happiest moments that I want to share with you guys :)

Share with us about your most precious, important or happiest moment with your

friends / family / love in your life that you would never forget.

A simple one of mine,

Me and 3 of my friends in the first company I worked with were celebrating for my farewell

after the day of my resignation. We went to lunch in one of the restaurant of our company lol

We played in a game centre (For children :p) and laughed out loud when we won the game. :D

We ate ice-cream in this very cold winter. Now, we haven't contacted with each other for so long......

Feb 2010

I really miss this moment for our pure and innocent friendship that I don't think I can get in the rest of my life.

What about yours? :hehe:

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