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The Best Vogue Cover (Celebrity Edition)

Vogue Girl

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The list of the winners of the eliminations:

R1:Taylor Swift - Vogue US February 2012 by sagitario

R2: Eva Mendes - Vogue Italia May 2008 by ACEHA

R3: Charlize Theron - Vogue US October 2000 by Single Ladie

R4: Penelope Cruz - Vogue US December 2007 by Single_Ladie

R5: Brigitte Bardot - Vogue Paris February 1973 by COP11

R6: Deepika Padukone - Vogue India July 2009 by Prettyphile

R7: Anne Hathaway - Vogue US November 2010 by cherrybomb

R8: Emma Watson - Vogue US July 2011 by Vogue Girl

R9: Keira Knightley - Vogue UK January 2011 by LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE

R10: Rihanna - Vogue US April 2011 by Single Ladie

R11: Audrey Hepburn - Vogue Paris May 1963 by COP11

R12: Cameron Diaz - Vogue US May 2003 by Ketrin

R13: Drew Barrymore - Vogue US April 2005 by sagitario

R14: Natalie Portman - Vogue US January 2011 by LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE

R15: Angelina Jolie - Vogue US December 2007 by cherrybomb

R16: Sienna Miller - Vogue UK October 2005 by Single Ladie

R17: Angelina Jolie - Vogue Turkey March 2012 by sagitario

R18: Elizabeth Hurley & Elton John - Vogue UK December 2002 by Single Ladie

R19: Aishwarya Rai - Vogue India February 2011 by COP11

R20: Gwyneth Paltrow - Vogue UK October 2002 by cherrybomb

R21: Kylie Minogue - Vogue Spain February 2010 by Single Ladie

R22: Tang Wei - Vogue Taiwan April 2008 by COP11

R23: Cate Blanchett - Vogue US December 2004 by COP11

R24: Gisele Bundchen & Robbie Williams - Vogue UK October 2000 by Single_Ladie

R25: Sophia Loren - Vogue US December 1970 by COP11

R26: Nicole Kidman - Vogue US December 2000 by Prettyphile

R27: Angelina Jolie - Vogue US March 2004 by COP11

R28: Keira Knightley - Vogue UK July 2004 by sagitario

R29: Adele - Vogue UK October 2011 by Vogue Girl

R30: Madonna - Vogue Italia February 1991 by Single Ladie

R31: Madonna - Vogue Paris August 2004 by Vogue Girl

R32: Madonna - Vogue US October 1992 by COP11

Tomorrow, will start to play the quaterfinals of this competition.

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Round 1

Tang Wei - Vogue Taiwan April 2008 by COP11



Deepika Padukone - Vogue India July 2009 by Prettyphile



Vote for your favorite cover, is your choice (cover 01) or (cover 02).

The cover who has the most of the votes, is the winner & will be play on the semifinals.


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