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Man, that was random!!


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I dare you guys to show me where Ale's ass is! lol like a stack of flapjacks I tell ya



The only reason she has one in this pic is because she's slightly bent over, thus thrusting the ass out. Come on, show me a pic or two that are new, not photshopped to look like she has a backside, no bending over, no hip thrusts, no arched back.

Doutzen - Looks like an ass to me.





I'm not a particular fan of either. I was just saying is Doutzen is just an obviously bigger woman in general and I don't think her's is considerably bigger for a woman her size than Alessandra for a really skinny woman :ninja: .

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I love Ale & i truly believe that her face is just amazing ... But her body scares me, she looks like if all of her bones are goin' to colapse in any moment >.< ... Start eatin' again Ale!

Doutzen on the other hand ... looks like she's eatin' her&Ale's food & spendin' too much time on the gym!

Don't like any of their bodies ahahaha

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