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Hello! Long time no see 8)


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Hello fellow BZ members!

Its been forever since I've posted a topic in here, I'd say its a darn shame...I've been so preoccupied with other ventures I completely neglected and forgot about my bz friends and family. Well Just wanted to come back and say hello to you all! Missed you guys 8) hopefully I can start posting again at full speed haha or just hang out and chat as usual.


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I've never been away! :laugh:

You haven't posted in GT since forever :persuazn: :whistle:

How's your sister? :hehe:

WOW! you remember! Thats an awesome memory. She's doing well, thanks for asking.. getting very big and to smart for her own age haha. How are you?


Oh yeah, she is a real cutie :hehe:

I'm pretty good, it's amazing to have you back, I really miss the time we spammed around General Talk with all the old members :laugh:

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