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Rachel Hilbert


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I hope she gets better...I just wonder what kind of injury it was that she is does not feel ok with talking about the public to? I hope she isn't embarrassed or something. It seems like she is and trying to still keep it under wraps because unless I read that wrong, it seems like it was her ankle/foot and then some...but why woudl that be embarrassing? IDK, I like Rachel I just want her to be ok. 

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33 minutes ago, SympathysSilhouette said:

Does anyone have a clue what might have happened to her and what injuries she might have? :idk:

Even if it's just unconfirmed rumors?


From what she's said, people figured it had to do with her broken leg, but recently, Rachel tweeted out that her injury went beyond a broken leg and that she was currently in physical therapy trying to get better, but she never clarified what it was about, she simply said she wished she could say what it was all about. Today on Instagram, Rachel mentioned having to get surgery, but she didn't mention what kind of surgery it is, or whether it has to do with her injury or not, so I guess we will either never know, or she will end up telling a little more about it over time. 

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I wonder what could've happened to her that she couldn't say it even though she wanted to "so bad". What's stopping her?


Completely wild theory: Maybe someone is legally responsible for her injuries so she went to a trial but because of the trial she couldn't publicly disclose details? Dunno, just a (very) wild shot in the dark.



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