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General Rants & Raves


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Post all your general "Rants & Raves". BUT....

* Please try not to discuss anything BZ related or discuss things that can be improved on BZ; Thats what the "3 things.." topic is for. :whistle:

* Try not to make it obvious what model/celeb/person, etc. you're bashing (Try to refrain from too much of that as certain members will probably report it/you... :ninja:)

* And of course... Swearing, etc. :flower: Gotta watch out for all the minors. :laugh:

Of course... If you happen to go against those rules.... What can lil' old me do about it? :whistle::laugh:

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I just hate it when people call me during work although they damn well know I'm not liking private calls at work.

It is a different case when it's a real problem or something important or just stuff that needs to be shared immediately, BUT I just hate it when this happens:

"Ja, what is it?"

"Oooh, nothing, what are you doing?"

"Uhm, working?" :cain:

"So, you don't want to talk right now?"

"Let's see ... what do YOU think?" :clobber:

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Hate it when a certain member on BZ ignores my messages!! I really enjoy talking to them when they do message me back, but I message this member, and its like the member only replys when they wans to "pay me attention" like their taking a break from me, because I see they message everyone else, but they still hasn't responded to any of mine. :/

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