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Doutzen & Sunnery James in Amsterdam (March 16th 2010)

post-31413-0-1446073756-81753_thumb.jpg th_128b7c73793728.gif/monthly_03_2010/post-31413-0-1446073756-84445_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3489285" alt="post-31413-0-1446073756-84445_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150.15"> post-31413-0-1446073756-8697_thumb.jpg post-31413-0-1446073756-9026_thumb.jpg th_04f3af73793736.gif/monthly_03_2010/post-31413-0-1446073756-93325_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3489291" alt="post-31413-0-1446073756-93325_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="134.77"> post-31413-0-1446073756-94179_thumb.jpg post-31413-0-1446073756-95973_thumb.jpg post-31413-0-1446073756-97771_thumb.jpg post-31413-0-1446073756-99986_thumb.jpg post-31413-0-1446073757-02089_thumb.jpg post-31413-0-1446073757-07626_thumb.jpg th_d6c0f373793747.gif/monthly_03_2010/post-31413-0-1446073757-1082_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3489299" alt="post-31413-0-1446073757-1082_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="74.8"> post-31413-0-1446073757-12231_thumb.jpg post-31413-0-1446073757-13185_thumb.jpg a632cc73794153.gif

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That is great news. Doutzen in vogue again /after almost 1 year.

And finally a photoshoot on a location! :)

I hope it's a real ED with multi pages ... and not a 1 page photo in US vogue.

(her last real big ed was in december 2007 :( )

I also think its for june/july ... because it takes a couple months before the photos are released in magazines.

But I hope it's for the next edition .. sooner the better.


I really cannot wait to see her ed in NUMERO tokyo. :p (the whole shoot seems to look incredible)

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