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Doutzen Kroes


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Can not wait to see the Dutch Marie Claire 20th anniversary issue.


Some (5) screen-caps from rtlboulevard (yesterday)

She was great ...and looked great 2 :p



* Nice fact: Her trip with 6 photos to Tanzania for the dance4life foundation got sold by auction

The 6 photos + her pair of shoes got sold for €120.000,- (Y)

1 photo got sold for €65.000,- !! (Y)

(the last screencap)







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she was on the Dutch TV show 'Pauw & Witteman' last night

edit: the full show is here http://player.omroep.nl/?aflID=10431461



her awnsers are really...:yuckky:

most of the times she wait 2 seconds before she awnsers...and when she anwser ..its: uhh...uhh..uhhhh

and she change from things she wants to say

i had a feeling they wanted to say: dont be so stupid..and just give a awnser !!! (its really annoying)

hate to say it but...she came over as a dumb blonde :yuckky:


BTW: thnks for the loreal video!!

its her first loreal commercial

and my fav.!!

I havent seen it in a LONG time!:)

thanks a lot

haha nee jij komt slim over met je denglish, 'overkomen als ..' in het engels is ' to come across' ....

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