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Doutzen Kroes


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I like the Victoria's Secret commercial and the Frisianday candids

(I hope she gets her own tulip soon :p )



Interview with Doutzen;

Translated (Amarenza) some points;

*She like it very much the frisian day in New York with frysian people around.

*She got a book with herself in it (about frysian people who live in NY)

*She hope that James Bond call her for a film, she is available (in joke) for the future about playing in a film, she will see than, she live day by day..and enjoy it.

*She is very happy with her love life she tell the reporter, he feel sorry for himself

At the end the both reporters ask for a "t





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Those candids are very good!

She looks gorgeous


The event is called "NY400" (New York 400)

A 1 week event in NY

400 Years friendship between America and The Netherlands

There's was also a "Friesland dag" (Frisian day) in New York

oh great she was beautiful!!!!!! great event! when New Amsterdam became New York!

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why she does not have her sub forum, is hard to find pictures under this thread.

:yes: totally agree Jade,

there are a couple of specific older pics I'm looking for of Doutzen that I saw displayed on bus shelters but searching 735 pages?!?

I think I'll try TFS first and then come back if I don't have any luck there.

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good luck. if you can't find those photos in tfs, and if you find it here you should make a note in what page it is. so next time when you want to find the same piictures you all ready know in what page it is, and all you have to do is jump to that page and find the pictures. that is what i just started to do today, and is making it a lot easier for me.

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