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Doutzen Kroes

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OMG the gorilla also appreciated her beauty it seems :drool: :drool:

could someone youtube those rapidshare links??

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Transilation 1st video;

J: This week I’m travelling with top model Doutzen Kroes

D: In what camera do I have to look…?

J: Yeah, I was pretty shocked about that also, but Doutzen is one of the prettiest women I know. She’s only working as a model for 4 years but can be count as the most successful model from the Netherlands ever. With this superwomen I experience one week some amazing things.

Running part:

J: Doutzen is born with a really fine body but is doing her best to keep in shape and for today I’m her personal trainer.

Do you bring you’re running shoes always with you?

D: Yes, they’re always with me, sometimes it’s hard to run outside but then I’m going to the gym. But there is nothing better that running in nature. I love it like this.

J: What do you like better? Running by yourself of with someone

D: I prefer running by myself, in my own thoughts

J: And your own speed.

D: Yeah, normally I’d run a bit faster.

J: Yeah? Well come on then.

D: Haha, let’s make a short sprint.

J: Why did you want to travel to Uganda?

D: I really love apes and in Malaysia I saw Orang-utans and had one in my arms and that really made a huge impression. And I wanted to see Gorillas in the wide. And Uganda is the perfect place for that.

J: I’d took care for the licence to meet the Gorillas in the West of Uganda.

D: Oooh, that’s super.

J: It will be at the end of the week, and I’ve made a schedule for the rest of the week, which will be really fun.

J: “Talking some stuff about the country.”

J & D: = in English

J: Can you eat a lot of junk food?

D I watch what I’m eating but I can eat everything, but in small portions. But that’s with everything. I want to live like a normal person and eat what I like.


D: What did he say?

J: Is this you’re wife? Give her to me!

D: Haha, It took a while after I got it.

J: Let’s go on, I took care of some thing I’m sure Doutzen will like for sure. Where making a sailing trip.

J: I got something with me, wait a second.

D: Is it cold?

J: Yeah I believe so.

D & J: Cheers! For a great trip in Uganda

J: That good huh?

D: Yeah, it’s great!

J: Some stuff about the ship.

J: Have you sailed a lot in the past?

D: Yes, a whole lot. My dad had his own sail school so I’ve grown up by it. But this is really different. It’s fantastic.

J: Are there more thing you where really into in you’re youth?

D: I’ve done a lot of ice-skating. And I was into korfball (looks a little like basketball), team sport. That was something I really liked. But the hard thing is not to blame others when they make a mistake. And that was no problem with ice-skating, cause I had to do it myself.

J: Do you find it hard to give such thing up for you’re career?

D: Yeah, I think I would like football a lot. But I can’t have brushes and stuff like that.

J: I have the feeling you’re not running away from (high) risk situations.

D: That’s kind of true, I’m doing a lot of stuff, and when someone tells me not to do something I want to do it. I’m doing a lot of stuff I wouldn’t do without this job.

J: What is something you really want to do but can’t do because of the high risk.

D: Skydiving. I really want to experience that, but the risks are huge.

J: So when you doing it, it’s furtive.

D: No, I wouldn’t tell anyone.

J And here where sailing in Uganda with a glass of Champaign. God has no problem with that.

J: And there is one thing missing. “The Frisian flag”

D: Haha, that really sweet.

Sailing man: Doutzen would you like to sail?

D: I’m not sure if that’s smart.

J: What a women, I’m questioning myself how she manage herself in the bizz, with is pretty rough from what I’ve heard. I do not believe Naomi Campbell would be that much fun to be around. Maybe her bubbly personality is why she’s doing so well and makes her so strong.

D: My bones are a bit stiff! (While she’s sailing)

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great dadum

there were parts i couldn't (but really wanted to ^^) understand

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