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Doutzen Kroes


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Vogue Espana March 08 cover :yuckky: :yuckky:

but another vogue so thats good :)

look what theve done her jaw !!! her nose !!! :blink: and her face doesnt look symmetric... its photoshopped in a wrong way ... she looks like shit in this pic

i dont know why but the photographer didnt like her probably and made her look bad on the cover

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HQ spain vogue ...from TFS by gemaferron

yes this really is the worst doutzen photo ever ... they just dont like her :(

her NOSE (they made the right nostril much smaller) , LEFT JAW( they made the left side larger), and her eye PUPIL (if you zoom in you can see the left 1 is more round than the right one....the right 1 looks more like a cat eye ) :yuckky: :o :o

it could have been such a great cover :cry:

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