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29 december 2007- Alderman Houkje Rijpstra gets many many phonecalls

people who can book topmodel Doutzen, can delight itself in large popularity.

Alderman Houkje Rijpstra knows all about that.....she asked doutzen as ambassador for the 'praat mar frysk' campaign..and since then artists & musicians calling her like crazy...about having ideas for the model in the campaign

kroes is the rolemodel for the campaign...she must stimulate the frysk language

Houkje tells its a great success...but for a lot of wildly enthusiastic people its all about the beauty from Eastermar.

Alderman says: those people actually shouldn't calling me but the management of kroes.

...but im ofcourse happy with it

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15 Januari 2008 -Doutzen Kroes; the angel that fell from the heaven

Where Dutch top model from friesland Doutzen kroes appears you will see open mouths, 'people knuckle under'...she even knows how to transform sharp journalists into wimps

everywhere this beautiful lady appears there's a silence

When her village needs her ..she is there... In jeans and flat shoes

People who whork with doutzen falls in love with her...she's dazzling but also a sweetheart, kind. etc.

when you hear/watch it like this she look/sounds like perfection ..the ideal women...and i have to say: i saw her a couple months ago in the tros tv show (Ivo Niehe) and i was impressed...she's gorgeous...you watch with unbelief at her parents who created this miraculous gene-mix.

i think its unfortunate Loreal made her look ridiculous for the summer make-up look 2007...a photo that looks more like a caricature of doutzen kroes, instead of a untouched beauty.

doutzen is breathtaking..thats the least i can say about her ....its scary.

I wonder myself: how that girl lived her life all those years in Eastermar?

didnt her schoolteachers secretly enjoy watching her, and all those boys?

Those became large with the most beautiful role model you could ever wish to grow up with.

It has to be 1 big secret (this beauty in a very small town)

She grow up as a 'flower' in the fresh hay country...and now she gets plucked. Her eyes caught forever in photos. Her perfect symmetrical face mapped.

the newspaper write: the world need doutzen...a down to earth girl from a village...she looks like a vulnerable girl but she's tough.

Doutzen had 1 dream: to become a model

There was a lil angel fallen from the sky ... be astonished at the glamour on earth ...and did a wish: to take over the world before the dream is over...before you are too old for the job, and spirits & drugs becames irrisistible

The newspaper writes ; its now or never. Have fun girl! :-)it is granted you.


Doutzen will not do NY fashionweek.. She has no showcard / ...its not a surprise :(


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15 Januari 2008 -Doutzen Kroes; the angel that fell from the heaven

Where Dutch top model from friesland Doutzen kroes appears you will see open mouths, 'people knuckle under'...


Doutzen will not do NY fashionweek.. She has no showcard / ...its not a surprise :(

:angel: awww :wub:

"knuckle" ? :nicole:

Dayuummm, stay positive, dude! :angel:

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(big newspaper) de Volkskrant, 8 januari 2008 (page 02)

drop dead gorgeous, quite common, village-girl

the 22 year old is the face of loreal & victoria secret. The world lies at her feet. But if friesland calls..doutzen is on her way

ze looks vulnerable, but she is tough & normal

born in 1985 in Eastermar

1997 Mavo Singelland, Burgum 2001 Havo Singelland

in 2003 doutzen send photos to paparazzi agency in Amsterdam; Elle girl 2005 is her first cover...she made her big break thnx to a Vogue italia cover & VS ads made by photgrapher steven meisel; he called her 'the face of the moment' ...2006 contract with loreal...2007 contract with victoria's secret & prix de la mode(marie claire) + pirelli-calendar

She walks for the most important runway shows in the world...She drags in contracts worth millions, having dinner with Bono and shines on each red carpet. She's the face of loreal, calvin klein & victoria's secret.. she won the prix de la mode award 2006 & 2007 for best model.

She just wanted to earn some money .. she never expected to earn 1.5 million dollar a year.

She tells in the documentairy (omrop Fryslan) If she knew it was going to be like this..she probably never started modeling..ofcourse its nice to lie in a hammock under the palm trees. But i mis someone to share it with...the good & the bad things are close to eachother.

The documentary shows her as femme fatale, doutzen at the big designers, doutzen on high heels and in some the chicste restaurants. But also: in jeans a shirt, sitting in a chair in her parents home, doutzen feeling guilty because she is very beautiful: 'im born this way, its not fair'. And doutzen in the same distinguished restaurant says: she sometimes wants a full bord of food. It very nice but its a small bite to eat.

While designers paying millions to book her, Afús got her for free - the organisation to promote the frysk language...Doutzen says she always mail in frysk. In a video she ends with 'praat mar Frysk, omdat we it wurdich binne' (because youre worth it- from loreal)

Doutzen got homes in new york & paris; Friesland is her main place..specially Eastermar, the village where she grow up- with only 1600 people.

She's home as much as she can...than she's going to buy food & drinks in the supermarket she opened in 2006..she walks in the house with slippers. Also she commitment herself for the conservation of the landscape.

She came pick up The Friese persprijs she won by herself - on the same day of her mothers-birthday...because it wasnt far away

She didnt want it to be a media party... she told them: 'íf i see SBS ..i drive back home'...For this reason her appearance was announced just a day before, under embargo..... She was really honoured ...specially because its from friesland (where she grow up)

Jan Jongma (schoolteacher) thinking back about the time the lil bit insecure doutzen starting her final examination. She wasnt sure if she was good enough. She never had a high opnion about herself...she's never been on prominent place... she's a real farm girl.

The teacher never saw her in a bad mood during her puberty...she just did her work in school.

Jetteke van Lexmond, is the dutch fashion editor from Glamour...in 2003 she helped doutzen with her first covershoot for elle girl.

she just started and she's been a professional from the first start...she's on the beach (in a cold the winter days) with only a shirt and a short trouser...she never complained.

before the photosession doutzen knocked on the door(jetteke van lexmond) ...I opend the door and my mouth fell open. There's the most beautiful girl ive ever seen.

I said: you are going to be HUGE..in a few more years you will have big contracts with loreal and you are going to be at justin timberlakes privetpartys

Ive worked with a lot of beautiful girl who are nice but doutzen touched me as a person...she's so sweet, special, kind, etc. and no diva...I cant imagine she will ever talk bad things about someone....she's stands in a good way of life...she's real, and if she wasnt we would have seen that a long time ago.

She's not naive and thats important...because in this world of glamour, money, spotlight and big partys the seduction is intense. Topmodels such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss obtained the media with their drug use. Campbell got a work sentence after she trow a mobile phone to the head of her assistant.

Doutzen is too normal/down to earth for drugs & diva behavior...she takes care of herself, she's strong & she's from a great family (the basic is a good start) Also Mo Karadag (her agent) isnt afraid of it, he says: if she wanted she could do it but she never did.

Mo & Sarah keller both goth the creeps when they saw her testshoot...we both saw she is special.

She had to work hard for her success. In the beginning a lot of people didnt want to work with her. She got something dollish: a symmetrical face, big hair, full lips. She looks a bit like the supermodellooks from the 90. The fashionindustry is looking for someone who isnt standard. A lot thought she was too commercial.

Paparazzi saw a topmodel in her...and protected her against those people. That means to be choosy, and say no against jobs who can block the way to the top. A big campaign like Guess jeans and lancome, because if you are the face of lancome loreal can refuse you, because you are the face of the competitor. That estimation is difficult, and we doubted sometimes. But we have continued. And Doutzen also. She could have chosen for the money. She trusted us and followed her feeling.

Why doutzen made it to the top and other beautiful girls not? She's very strong, says sarah keller. Dutch girls dont wanne leave there parents and boyfriend. Doutzen realized there's just 1 chance. She got the power to do it. She looks vulnerable; but she keeps standing on the ground.

Sarah Keller returned a time with Doutzen after a travel. And in the apartment lay a dead mouse. I screamed. But doutzen caught him at the tail and threw him away. No problem. She is very tough and not frightened. You can dump her in the desert with a bottle of water, and she will survive.

She got is says Mo Karadag. What it is? She's really beautifull on and off camera.

Her beauty is recognizeable, says Rosalie van Breemen, ex model en jury member at hollands and France's next topmodel. Everything about her is perfect. Her face, eyes, jaw line. Linda evangelista got a big nose. Kate moss got the drugs look. Doutzen doesnt got something like that. People understand her beauty.

Isnt there nothing wrong with doutzen kroes? Doesnt look like it. No mather how famous she is, and more famous she's going to be, people from friesland are very praude about this girl. who became a superstar and still a normal/down to earth village-girl

No one, specially people from friesland never use her last name (kroes) ...everyone calls her just doutzen...probably because doutzen is a fan of the friezen(Frisians) and vice versa...using her last name sounds like a distant...for us its: Our Doutzen.

Jetteke van Lexmond frequently thinks about her first meeting with doutzen. Doutzen told her giggling that she had got a fine in the train. When she bought a ticket, the lokettist had asked: with or without discount? she said: but do with. She didnt knew that she must use a discount card.

a few weeks later she worked with the best photographers and became a real women in this world. But sometimes i think back about that story in the train...Who can give that girl a fine?!

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