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Doutzen Kroes


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3 hours ago, hollander said:

One of these days she´s probably going to a sunny island shooting the Hunkemoller Swim campaign/TV commercial

They always shoot the Swim campaign in the last week of January or first week of February


And they go to great locations

The last 3 years they went to Saint Martin, Indonesia & Thailand

yees Hunkemoller messaged me on instagram and told me shooting will start next week so this week ( i mesaged them 1 week ago)

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Do u know where they going to shoot the campaign?


Hopefully it's just Doutzen in the Swim campaign and no other female models 


The team who works with Doutzen (Mo Karadag & Ilham Mestour) never worked for Hunkemoller when Sylvie Meis was the face of the brand 

Esther van Maanen did Sylvies hair & make-up and always made it look very sexy/bombshell .. even when it was about sport & swimwear


But hopefully the upcoming Swim campaign going to look very sexy again with sexy bombshell hair, spaytan, lots of makeup, etc.

True sexy Hunkemoller feeling instead of going for the natural "boring" look like their recent sportswear campaign

But I loved what Mo & Ilham did with Doutzens hair and makeup in the Xmas commercial .. it was perfect & sexy

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That InStyle photo would have been a perfect shot for the cover! So stunning!


The Hunkemöller candids are not doing much for me 

Doutzen is a natural beauty but the no makeup look and unkempt hairstyle bores me to death..seen her way too many times that way

Doutzen for Hunkemöller looks very different compared to the sexy Hunkemöller that I am used to with former Dutch models Sylvie Meis & Joyce Noor


I expected Doutzen to look like a bombshell too but her own hair/makeup team probably never seen a Hunkemoller campaign before 

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The New York Fashion Week has begun 

(Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection)


Exactly 10 Years ago she walked her last fashion week in NY (Fall/Winter 2007-08 collection)


Would be great to finally see her back on the runway in New York


On Instagram Doutzen said: EXCITED FOR NY FASHION WEEK! 


Maybe/Hopefully a small hint ... the return of Doutzen at NYFW (10th Anniversary)


She's in NY today


NYFW schedule for today and the upcoming days



The biggest shows tonight are Jason Wu, Nicole Miller & Jeremy Scott.

Tomorrow's biggest show is Alexander Wang

The Alexander Wang casting director is supportive to Doutzen .. would be very nice to see her debut that show after 10 years missing

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Again no shows in NY .... ZZZZ

NY is not her city because she isn't much involved with American fashion


All the models in NY are running some great shows

But Doutzen is having a great run along the Hudson River in NY ... with snow and ice on the ground

(I don't believe her... it's way to slippery with all that ice on the ground ...she's probably bored and took a pic to promote Hunkemoller)


No idea why she's even in NY to be honest  

There aren't candids from Doutzen at shows, big partys, events, front row, etc. 


Few days ago she was so excited about NYFW ... but where is she?!


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