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Doutzen Kroes

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Okay, enough of this romance novel-type foreplay and let's get straight to the hardcore funkalicious lovin'! Doutzen has an 8-page edit in the March 2009 issue of Vogue Mexico and I've got the full set right here. No more of this picture collage or semi-HQ nonsense!

TITLE: ENCANTO ABSOLUTO ("Absolute Glamour")



Click on the thumbnail to view the UHQ scan!



post-18518-0-1446072334-82757_thumb.jpg post-18518-0-1446072334-87374_thumb.jpg post-18518-0-1446072334-88896_thumb.jpg

post-18518-0-1446072334-91446_thumb.jpg post-18518-0-1446072334-92366_thumb.jpg post-18518-0-1446072334-96104_thumb.jpg

Here's something extra from the magazine that you'll only get from ME.

post-18518-0-1446072335-0063_thumb.jpg post-18518-0-1446072335-02192_thumb.jpg

CREDIT: The Clearly Unprofessional National Tramp Squad

I even did y'all the favor of translating the first paragraph of the edit (not the article): "Doutzen Kroes, Victoria's Secret model, boasts vaporous sculptural fabric designs such as chiffon, lace, and silk in pastel colors that give the body movement and femininity."


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hollander    0

very very nice thanks a lot! V. :)


can someone post doutzens first loreal commercial here? ... i cant find it :(

the text goes something like this:

it has already been 8 weeks .. yes 8 weeks and my hair never felt this soft and brilliant .. thats retical preference from loreal .. youre worth it.

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hollander    0

vogue china beauty cover :p


From an interview with DJ Tiesto


What’s the latest on your work with Aids charity Dance4life?

I went to South Africa to visit their projects, and I played at the World Aids Day in 2008 for them. Currently, I’m organising a charity event with [Victoria’s Secret model] Doutzen Kroes, to be held on Queen’s Night [the official birthday of Holland’s Queen Beatrix] in Amsterdam.



vogue germany april ed

Grand Glam

Ph: Alexi Lubomirski

Fashion Editor: Christiane Arp

M: Doutzen Kroes

also scanned by helligirl


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You're amazing VAMP!

Aww, you flatter too much. But I am kinda pissed at how my scans were mis-represented at TFS. Whoever the person is that posted the thumbnails of the Vogue Mexico edit gets no cookie from me! I had to tell my friend over there to step in and post the original links to the much, much bigger scans to offset the semi-HQ ones posted by "kokobombon".

Anyway, I hope to get my hands on that Vogue Deutch issue sometime this month. At least I can easily obtain that issue here than I can with Vogue Mexico. Although I won't be the first one to provide scans, I will sneak in later and make it rain.

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