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Doutzen Kroes

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haha i have a funny little story, i was recently talking to this girl in one of my classes and we were talking about models and fashion and i was talking about my obsession with doutzen and the girl was like oh my god! i love her shes my idol. and we just talked about doutzy for a little.

for some reason, i got freaked when shew said she loved her too, i didnt know doutzy was getting so popular!

haha ;)

p.s. tomorrow im going to the tents at fashion week! hopefully i get a glimpse of doutzen! if i get pics ill post em! :heart: :heart:

Your so lucky to bad i cant come to new york that early :(

and about that girl you were talking to, if that happened to me id be like WHAT! cause not a lot of people know about Doutzen cool anyways :)

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hey everyone! ok so no doutzen sightings :(

and i looked the photos of the shows from yesterday, and she wasnt in any of them anyway :cry:

but i did get to see jessica stam!

heres a picture of the entrance tent! :p


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