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I would love if Gisele would do a full fashion week like back in 01/02 now but I think that's just wishful thinking because of where she is now. I just love her on the runway, her presence is mesmerizing everytime she does it and I'm always anxious for her next move! 

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ah I know, I've been dreaming of it since I started following her in 2004, but unfortunately, as you said, it's just a wishful thinking and I'm sure it won't happen ever again. I wish I followed her back in those days when she was everywhere on the runway, cuz I think she's born for it, to walk down the runway with her powerful sexy walk :wub2:

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Maybe some of these pics are new to you guys :heart:


Gisele Bündchen in 50 runway shows


After walking the runway for the last time for Colcci, fittingly in São Paulo, last Wednesday Gisele Bündchen announced that she is hanging up her show stilettos after a 15-year catwalk career that started in her native Brazil. As a natural beauty for Chloe in the 2000's, a leather-clad vamp for Dolce & Gabbana in 2005, a Fifties icon for Christian Dior in 2008 and a feminist protest leader for Chanel Spring/Summer 2015, the Amazonian model made countless Fashion Week appearances for the world's leading designers, with her signature coltish strut and the infectious energy that earned her supermodel stripes alongside Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. We look back through the archive, at the 50 shows that influenced the Brazilian supremodel's career.


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