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Vintage VS scans


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I'd say those are about 90-92. 1992 at the latest. I recognize those shots from when I got the catalogs back then.



You don't happen to have any catalogs from 05-08, with Fabiana Semprebom in them? She showed up about the same time that Ale started getting showcased more.


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My scans from various VS catalogs - miscellany IX - jeans:


:heart: VS Models In Jeans :drool:


1. VS Holiday Accessory Book 1998: Laetitia Casta, Ines Rivero, Eva Herzigova

2. VS Country Collection Spring 1999 - vol 1: Heidi Klum, Laetitia Casta


1. post-4245-0-1446085625-70081_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085625-71203_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085625-72071_thumb.jpg

2. post-4245-0-1446085625-7413_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085625-75118_thumb.jpg


VS Best Shot Ever of Laetitia ^^^ IMHO :drool:


Share these images! But credit the scanner. Thanks.

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MY Miscellany IX - various models - my scans


:heart: VS Models In Jeans :drool:


VS Winter Sale 1995:

Unknown model - MTIA for a name.



VS Fall Collection 1995

Daniela Pestova, Meghan Douglas and two unknown models. MTIA for any names.


1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_70_0_meghan_daniela 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_70_1_daniela_meghan 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_70_2_meghandouglas_ 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_70_11_danielapestov

1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_1_x_megan_x_h.jp 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_2_x_megan_x_h.jp 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_3_x_megan_b2.jpg 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_4_x_b2.jpg

1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_4_x_b2_afx1.jpg 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_5_megandouglas_b 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_11_megan_x_b2.jp 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_12_megandouglas_ 1995_08_vsc_fallcoll_71_13_x_b2.jpg


Feel free to repost. But please credit the scanner. Thanks.
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VS Miscellany X - Leather - Various Models - My Scans:


:heart: VS Models In Leather :drool:


1. VS Sept Sale 1998: Yasmeen Ghauri, Laetitia Casta

2. VS Holiday Accessory Book 1998: Stephanie Seymour, Tricia Helfer


1. post-4245-0-1446085636-78656_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085636-88422_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085636-8926_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085636-90179_thumb.jpg 2.  post-4245-0-1446085636-9111_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085636-9244_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085636-93945_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085636-95516_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085636-97111_thumb.jpg post-4245-0-1446085636-98046_thumb.jpg


Share these images! But credit the scanner. Thanks

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VS Fall Collection 1995

Daniela Pestova, Meghan Douglas and two unknown models. MTIA for any names.


The black girl is a girl who has come up before, very cute, Karen Alexander.   The other girl, in the jeans shirt, I'm almost sure is Keri Claussen.




great Work,thanks Bob

 You are both very welcome :)

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VS Miscellany IV - my scans:


1. VS Spring Fashion 2001 - vol 2 - no 2: Gisele Buendchen
2. VS Shoe & Accessory Book Spring 2003 - vol 1: Alessandra Ambrosio, Fabiana Tambosi, Veronica Varekova


1. 2001-01-vsc-spfash-v2-n2-10-0a1-giselebuendchen-.jpg 2001-01-vsc-spfash-v2-n2-11-1a-giselebu_ndchen-h.jpg 2001-01-vsc-spfash-v2-n2-11-11b-giselebu_ndchen-.jpg 2001-01-vsc-spfash-v2-n2-11-9t-giselebu_ndchen-h.jpg

2. 2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-18-0a1-alessandraambrosio-.jpg 2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-18-1a-alessandraambrosio-h.jpg 2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-18-4b-alessandraambrosio-h.jpg 2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-20-0a1-alessandraambrosio-.jpg
2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-21-1a-alessandraambrosio-x.jpg 2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-21-3b-alessandraambrosio-h.jpg 2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-24-0a1-fabiana-veronica-al.jpg 2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-25-1a-fabiana-ale-veronica.jpg
2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-25-3b-ale-hh.jpg2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-38-1a-alessandraambrosio-h.jpg 2003-02-vsc-spshoe-v1-38-23b-ale-hh.jpg


Share these images! But credit the scanner. Thanks.

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VS Miscellany XII - my scans:


:heart:  the VS "Little Black Dress" - A Fashion Classic - A Wardrobe Essential - the Shorter and Tighter the Better   :drool:


1. VS Holiday Accessory Book 1998: Stephanie Seymour, Yasmeen Ghauri
2. VS Sept Sale 1998: Yasmeen Ghauri, Laetitia Casta
3. VS Accessory Book Fall 1999 - vol 1 - no 1: Veronika Va?eková
4. VS Holiday Accessory Book 1999: Laetitia Casta, Stephanie Seymour, Tyra Banks
5. VS Accessory Book Spring 2000 - vol 1 - no 1: Magdalena Wróbel
6. VS Oct 2000 Sale: Laetitia Casta, Elsa Benítez, Carmen Kass, Frankie Rayder
7. VS Accessory Book Fall 2000 - vol 1 -  nos 1 & 2: anonymous legs, Molly Sims, Carmen Kass
8. VS Accessory Book Summer 2001 - vol 1: Veronika Va?eková
9. VS Fall Fashion 2003 vol 1 - no 1: Eugenia Silva, Ingrid Parewijck and one unknown


1. 1998-11-vsc-holacc-1-1-stephanieseymour-h.jpg 1998-11-vsc-holacc-9-1a-yasmeenghauri-h.jpg 1998-11-vsc-holacc-9-2b-yasmeenghauri-hh-sh.jpg 1998-11-vsc-holacc-9-3b-yasmeenghauri-bb2.jpg
1998-11-vsc-holacc-9-11b-yasmeenghauri-bb2.jpg 2. 1998-08-vsc-septsale-38-0-yasmeen-laetitia-h.jpg 1998-08-vsc-septsale-38-1-yasmeen-laetitia-h.jpg 1998-08-vsc-septsale-38-4-yasmeenghauri-b2.jpg
3. 1999-09-vsc-fallacc-v1-n1-58-0-veronicavarekova-.jpg 1999-09-vsc-fallacc-v1-n1-58-1-veronicavarekova-.jpg 1999-09-vsc-fallacc-v1-n1-58-2-veronicavarekova-.jpg 4. 1999-11-vsc-holaccbk-2-0-laetitia-steph-tyra-h.jpg
1999-11-vsc-holaccbk-2-1-laetitia-stephanie-h.jpg 1999-11-vsc-holaccbk-2-4-stephanieseymour-b2.jpg 1999-11-vsc-holaccbk-2-2-laetitiacasta-h.jpg 5. 2000-02-vsc-spacc-v1-n1-1-1-magdalenawrobel-h-af.jpg
6. 2000-09-vsc-octsale-2-0-laetitia-elsa-carmen-fra.jpg 2000-09-vsc-octsale-2-8a-elsa-carmen-frankie-h.jpg 2000-09-vsc-octsale-2-8cc-carmen-elsa-hh.jpg 2000-09-vsc-octsale-3-1-frankie-elsa-h.jpg
2000-09-vsc-octsale-3-4a-elsabenitez-hh.jpg 2000-09-vsc-octsale-3-24a-elsabenitez-bb2.jpg 2000-09-vsc-octsale-3-22a-elsabenitez-bb2.jpg 2000-09-vsc-octsale-3-23a-elsabenitez-hh.jpg 
7. 2000-10-vsc-fallaccbk-v1-n1-4-0-mollysims-h.jpg 2000-10-vsc-fallaccbk-v1-n1-5-2-mollysims-h.jpg 2000-10-vsc-fallaccbk-v1-n2-1-1-carmenkass-h.jpg 8. 2001-05-vsc-summeracc-v1-10-1-veronicavarekova-h.jpg
9. 2003-08-vsc-fallfash-v1-n1-104-0-eugenia-ingrid-.jpg 2003-08-vsc-fallfash-v1-n1-104-1-eugenia-ingrid-.jpg 2003-08-vsc-fallfash-v1-n1-104-2-ingridparewijck.jpg


Share these images! But credit the scanner. Thanks.

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