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Saving Pictures


Saving Pictures  

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  1. 1. Do you save pictures to your computer?

    • Yes, all the time, I go through threads I like and save the pics I like
    • Yes, sometimes I save a few pics
    • Only ones I really like
    • Only of a handful of people
    • Very rarely
    • Never
    • I only save them to internet hosting sites (e.g. Photobucket, ImageShack, ImageVenue, etc.)

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:laugh: No, i ''wanted'' to...i'm like that..i do stuff and then i regret :ninja:

Cause like my laptop broke and while the technician sent it to IBM so they could repair it he lent be naother laptop...anyway, when i had to transfer my stuff from a laptop to the other this morning (my laptop's repaired now :fun: ) i thought it would be too long with all my Katja, Kemp, Ana, Miranda & especially Adriana Lima pics + my more than 100 vids of Adriana....so i deleted :cry: But the thing was so big it didn't fit in the trash so when i deleted it was gone...forever :cry: :cry: :cry: :ninja: .

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Yep, I do it all the time... and I never view the pics again :p

same here... I don't what I'd use them for so I just gave up saving them...

I would save them all again, but not collect... just wish someone would send me their pics :ninja:

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