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Tori Praver


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Wowee, Babylola! :heart::heart::kiss::kiss: What a wonderful post to lead Tori Nation :grouphug: into the weekend! :clap::ddr:

Re-posts or not; these are refreshes or first-timers of some AWESOME Tori Pics in which Tori looks soooooo strong, smooooth, and seeeexxxyyy! :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

I will politely refrain for Tori Nation's :grouphug: and Tori's sake of extolling the virtues of her lustrous, healthy skin, long, strong limbs, etc.; everybody knows her part by glorious part and her sweet-natured whole! :blush:

Thanks so much for making the reposts "better quality" if that's possible with any Tori pic, Low or High-Definition, small or big, black and white or color! ;) :p :wave:

PS Donbot is the technical wizard with my sig. As you know, I am not too technically inclined. I don't like picking the pics and clips, either! There are too many of Tori that are so great it takes hours, days, and weeks, and months to choose! Tori is tough on the eyes, too. Choosing from all the Tori images is like staring at a light or the sun and closing your eyes. Her brightness remains for hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc. :p

Oh, boy, the babble boy's Tori-Picless babble added a page to make Tori's BZ pages move up to a nice and even 140! Whaddyagonnado? :idk: Thankfully, Babylola is "to blame" for moving to page 140 with her plentiful, "picturesque," Praver posts! :fun: ;) :flower:

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Thanks, Babylola, for breaking the Tori Pic silence every once in a while! :heart::kiss:

Happy Winter Solstice to Tori Nation :grouphug: citizens in the Northern Hemisphere as our days grow longer! Happy Winter Solstice to you Tori Nation :grouphug: Southern Hemispherans, too! :woohoo:

Congratulations to the whole world for surviving the Mayan prediction of its end and Y2K before that! :blink::wacko::thumbsup:

And for congratulations to us humans for surviving in general and hanging onto this planet for just a bit longer, sometimes in spite of ourselves! :p

Whatever Tori, her cute, new family and her Nation celebrate during this holiday season (Chanukkah, Christmas, Divali, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc.), I hope each person finds some time to relax a bit with his or her friends and family in order to gear up for a great New Year :fun: . . . of daily Tori and Tori Baby Worship! :wave:

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Happy New Year :fun: to Tori, Danny, and their New Baby to come and to her adoring Tori Nation! :grouphug:

May the New Year bring as much peace to the world as we can create and good health to its inhabitants, :heart::kiss:

Here are a couple of glimpses that show that "the past will be prologue" for Tori's Tenderness with Tots of all Types :p:





Tori Praver for Model Mama of the New Year! :wave:

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Thanks, 2324lebron and welcome to Tori Nation! :)

It's always amazing to see re-posts (which I prefer to call "re-freshes") of Tori to re-fresh Tori Nation's collective memory :grouphug: of her gorgeous and varied looks! :p

She looks as smooth, sexy :woot: , and sinewy then as she does now with her baby belly! :heart::wub:

Her glowing skin, healthy hair, and athletic musculature beautifully complement Tori's fotogenic face! :blush:

Thanks for bringing this great set of Tori Pics back to the forefront of Tori Nation's collective mind! :grouphug::wave:

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Tori will return to modelling soon, I hope! :no::idk::kiss:

But :wub: baby and being a Mama Bear :heart: come first! :fun:

Whether she returns or not, Tori will be as hot a Modelina Mom as she has been carrying her cutie like a kangaroo! :)

Tori Nation :grouphug: cannot exist without its fearless leader. :cry2:

Tori will always, however, be immortalized on the Internet, and Tori Nation can worship her in Cyber heaven forever! :p :wave:

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Thanks, bigmax,

for showing that Tori, Danny, and Baby are "Alive 'n' Kickin'" (Simple Minds)! :wub2:

It's been a long time since Tori Nation :grouphug: has seen a current pic of its fearless leader. :whistle:

We know, however, that Tori has been busy "growing" her baby :heart::kiss: and needs plenty of food, fluids, and REST! :MLA:

Glad the fam has been getting out and about! :woohoo:

Love your avi of Arizona; just saw her interviewed before a fashion show, and she sounds as great as she looks, too! :)

Thanks for visiting and come back any time, pic or no pic! :wave:

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