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Tori Praver


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I tried to do that I wanted in black but it turnes into gray dunno why :yuckky: and the tori praver on my sig is twice beacuse i think its more pretty ,

I got from BZ a warning about my sig, they say i shouldnt put on my sig anything that belongs to other site, the most stupid thing whatever ^_^

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Hmmm. Babylola, it took hours for me to figure out how to SEND the pics and vids to Donbot for my sig and THEN hours more to add it to my sig area not just the first time but every time! :idk:

The avi is so easy. I leave that pic there because it is such a simple dress in which Tori is timelessly and naturally beautiful while strolling effortlessly, as a tall drink drink of water should, by a serene body of water surrounded by a verdant landscape, all of which is lit glowingly by a high-noon sun. :p :p :p

No muss no fuss with her locks. Tori's hair of spun gold looks silky and "touchably soft" (some shampoo ad) like her hair swept in front by the prairie breeze in your sig ;).

And, of course, her long, strong limbs are mostly visible. Had I been the photographer, I would have included all of her athletic legs and her shoes, but you can extrapolate from what you can see. :)

Not that you asked! :whistle::whistle:

There is a how-to section in Bellazon. I will look around for you. You might try emailing one of the "signature creators" for help, like Lady Fatale, etc. They do amazing work as you know. :thumbsup:

I can see why BZ wants to keep the site free of any other site's links, but it's too bad they can't allow links for models on BZ. Just more work for the BZ moderators to police, I guess. People can keep mentioning and maybe linking your Tori fansite, though! See below. :)

It is fitting that the creator of the :grouphug: Tori Nation :grouphug: :PinkCouture2: FB fansite :PinkCouture2: and fastest Praver Pic Poster East or West of Tori's home base of Maui, Hawaii has added a post that has brought the grand total of Tori's BZ pages to 139! :fun::wave:

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Yes, Babylola! Certainly, Tori Nation seconds the motion! :grouphug:

A model mama and her beautiful baby belly in her element: the water. Too beeyouteefull! :kiss::MLA:

Thanks for being the Archetypal Archivalist for the Praver-Fuller clan and providing the Torinstagrams! :heart::blush:

Maybe Tori Nation :grouphug: can challenge you to find the Toribabiosonogram! :p :wave:

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Thanks, Babylola, for the cute, cute pic of Tori above: a healthful slice of fruit and a tall glass of water, always a deelish combo! :p

I hope Tori, Danny, and the healthy baby to be and Tori Nation citizens :grouphug: living in the US are having a great Thanksgiving Day and some vacay. :heart::thumbsup:

I hope those Tori Nation citizens :grouphug: who do not live in the US and do not celebrate Thanksgiving have at least one thing for which they can be thankful! :heart::thumbsup::wave:

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Just visited your great Tori FB fan site, Babylola! :yes:

Thanks for continuing to do double duty on FB and BZ on behalf of Tori Nation's fearless leader and soon to be Mama Bear! :)

The site has such great pics, vids, and comments. It is so nicely organized! Tori will appoint you archivist angel to keep her images safe and for her adorings fans to view forever and a day! :p

Tori must certainly appreciate your tribute to her. :thumbsup:

Thank you! :kiss::heart::wave:

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Thank Yooooo, Babylola! :heart::kiss:

There was an awful lot of Tori Pic silence on these here Tori Nation :grouphug: BZ pages!

You certainly made some fun Tori Pic noise :nicole: make%20it%20clap.gif with which Tori Nation can crank up the Va Va Voom Tori Volume! :grouphug:

Tori always looks natch when her beautiful hands are holding little ones: A babelicious babe cradling babes! :p :MLA:

She will be a natch born killer mama bear! :wub::heart::kiss::wave:

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Thanks, Babylola, for yet another pic of babe and baby! Such a beautiful pair! :wub:

Good to read your thoughts, as you are always a keen observateur, SweetnLow! :cool:

I was in a Staples the other day, and saw on the back wall a collage part of which was a packet of. . . SweetnLow. . . in its traditional pink! Maybe this artwork adorns the walls of all Staples nationwide and you can check our namesake! :thumbsup:

Regardless, let Tori Nation :grouphug: hope that Tori's :heart::kiss: baby :kiss::heart: enters this world healthy and happy and that Tori's delivery is as smooth. . . ,well, as a baby's bottom! :p :wave:

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