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Thanks for giving Tori Nation a great start to the week with these simply beautiful Tori pics. Checked out your additions to your Tori fansite on FB. You can sure multi-task when it comes to promoting Tori here and there! :clap:

Tori's lobes and lips look luscious with or without adornment, but this jewelry sparkles even more on her glowing skin. :woot:

Shakespeare says, "Clothes maketh the man [person]." Au contraire, the person maketh the clothes or it's a fitty/fitty combo! :)

Mary Poppins, however, would say, "Tori maketh whatever she wears. . . even more supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"! :p

Has anyone seen this book to see if Tori's GUESS? oeuvre is in it? :heart:


On one of Tori's early BZ pages, there is a pic of Claudia Schiffer in a GUESS? ad that someone posted thinking it was Tori. That flatters both beautiful women. :wave:

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Noooooo, Babylola! You are spoiling Tori Nation! :flower:

A long slit in a black dress is always sooooo sexy, but double slits with Tori's gorgeous gams peeking out are doubly deeeelishous! :woot: :drool:

Thank you! Thank you! What will Thirsty-for-Tori-the-Tall-Drink-of-Water Thursday bring? Only Babylola seems to know! :p :wave:

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Babylola, you are such a weekday and weekend warrior, fighting to bring Tori's images to the World! :ddr:

Thank you so much for so many "T" lights to take away this dark, grey day in Boston and to add light to Tori Nation! :clap:

I checked out ToriPraverFans, and it looks great, too. You really do "burn the candle at both ends" for Tori. :flower:

I know she appreciates your devotion and efforts on both sites! I hope you can get some rest and have a great second half of the weekend! :gocho:

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A little while ago, I mentioned that Shakespeare said "Clothes maketh the man [person]." But I think the person has to make the clothes, too, and Tori definitely "makes" any clothing look that much better. ;) :wub:

I think that also applies to shoes. Sexy shoes are only as sexy as the feet in them. I don't recall too many comments about Tori's sexy feet and hands for that matter. I do now, however, remember Tori's feet being showcased in Wikifeet so someone out there knows that Tori's feet make any shoe, flip flip, or bare-footin'-in-the-sand pic even sexier. I posted that Wikifeet link and/or pics a while ago, maybe. :kiss: :)

When I ran into these shoes, named in honor of Tori Nation's fearless leader ( ;)), on www.journeys.com, I thought Tori should expand her bathing suit business to include not just swimwear and jewelry now but clothes and shoes as well with the ulterior motive of wanting to see her modeling items she designed from head to toe. :heart::blush:


Womens Diva DNA Tori 10 Heel - Gold Gold heels from Diva DNA featuring rhinstone-encrusted straps, an adjustable ankle strap, and rhinestones embedded on the platform sole and heel. Available exclusively at Underground by Journeys! #205304 Reg. Price: $44.99 Sale Price: $19.99

At $19.99, Christian Laboutin and Jimmy Choo may look down their collective noses at these Tori heels, but Tori is so grounded she would wear them to any party or on the red carpet, and the aforementioned shoe designers would be falling over themselves to come up with a similar pair of Tori heels for $500. Tori would still be happy with the sale shoes. :p :grouphug::wave:

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Oh yeah, Mermaid in Love, your sigs and avis of Emily DiDonato are stunning, stupendous, and striking. Whether the pics move or not, they are great. :)

I am glad that both Tori and Emily can represent GUESS? as cute and sexy and everything in between. The history of Guess? girls shows that Paul Marciano has vision and taste. :gocho:

Thanks you for making Tori Nation's collective heads spin with your constantly changing sigs/avis of Em! :woot:

Emily in the Italian footwear video shows she can be so relaxed and casual beautiful just like Tori. No make-up, just natural. ;)

Then change the outfits and add some make-up and Em and Tori go from cute and casual to va va voom vixens in a jiffy! :wub:

Of course, they can capture every look in between or they wouldn't be where they are! :blush:

Tori Nation: How are Tori and Danny doing with their athlete/model/down-to earth baby on the way? Any pics of the wedding if it has passed? Enquiring minds wanna know, but do not want to infringe on the privacy of low-key folks. They can announce this intel when they feel comfy! :wave:

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