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Who are these lucious ladies?


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Try looking @ German model agencies, I know they book models alot from modelwerk. :)

they dont book any of their models from modelwerk. swedish agencies or london agencies. almost all their models are english or swedish.

Other Nelly Models

fashion models

Gia Johsnons Singh- Models 1

Jacqui Ainsley- Premier

Jamie Gunns- Premier & Elite Stockholm

commercial print models

lauren ridaleagh- mot models, imm models, other london agencies not worth mentioning, elite miami

johanna lundback- avenue modeller and most recently signed with modelwerk.

its just a coincidence that all these models with the exception of lauren is signed to modelwerk. lauren is not represented in germany.

johanna lundback just signed with modelwerk this summer and has no london agency.

jamie gunns just left anc for modelwerk this summer.

gia has always been with modelwerk.

and at the time jacqui ainsley was modeling for nelly she was actually with okay models.

so definitely not germany. definitley sweden

Swedish Agencies

avenue modeller





new blood

nisch models



sweden models

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3. is natalie suliman who is with storm in london and mgm hamburg

formerly elite miami

no swedish agency

other than lund they all have modeled for asos and have been signed to elite models agency somewhere in the world. i have to do more research but they probably have a photographer in common.

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3 is actually a model named Kenza who looks a lot like Natalie Suliman.

other models for Nelly are:

Alexandra Burman who is Sweden Models in Malmo and Mikas in Stockholm

Sharam Diniz who is with L'Agence Lisbon, Next Models New York, and Union Models London

Anna Fridh @ Mikas

Yaya Mariya @ Karin

Natalya R

Matilda Sundquist

Julie R @ Elite Models

Linn N

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