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th_ov4rf11574_0034-x04.jpg/monthly_05_2007/post-1123-0-1593840659-92308_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="ov4rf11574_0034-x09.jpg">th_48476_ov4rf11574_0034-x11_122_984lo.jpgth_48482_ov4rf11574_0034-x13_122_990lo.jpgth_48483_ov4rf11574_0036-x01_122_1024lo.jpg

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th_48447_ov3rf11574_0018-s05-1_122_578lo.jpgpost-186-0-1446069280-85788_thumb.jpgth_ov4rf11574_0032-x01.jpg/monthly_05_2007/post-186-0-1446069280-87935_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3385783" alt="post-186-0-1446069280-87935_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="142.86">th_48476_ov4rf11574_0034-x11_122_984lo.jpgth_48482_ov4rf11574_0034-x13_122_990lo.jpgth_48483_ov4rf11574_0036-x01_122_1024lo.jpg

post-186-0-1446069280-91836_thumb.jpgth_ov4rf11574_0036-s03-1.jpg/monthly_05_2007/post-186-0-1446069280-94719_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3385788" alt="post-186-0-1446069280-94719_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="142.86">th_48366_ov4rf11574_0036-x09_122_780lo.jpg


I'm really starting to like this girl. She has "something" Adriana also used to have, but somehow lost.

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There are give or take 44 pictures. I will scan a few pictures each day by their page number :)

Intimissimi Spring Collection 2007: Part I

Scanned by Me

The 2 pages I missed, I will scan tomorrow :p

post-15287-0-1446069337-31476_thumb.jpg irina1taggedmz9.th.jpg irina2taggedsj1.th.jpg post-15287-0-1446069337-33732_thumb.jpg irina4taggedst6.th.jpg post-15287-0-1446069337-35074_thumb.jpg

irina6taggedlf7.th.jpg irina7taggedcu7.th.jpg post-15287-0-1446069337-36958_thumb.jpg irina9taggedgx8.th.jpg irina10taggedtp9.th.jpg post-15287-0-1446069337-38534_thumb.jpg

This girl is very beautiful! Her eyes are best feautre about her, but I do not see why all the hate on Adriana Lima because of her? They do not resemble each other.......Adriana is much prettier :wave:

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she does not look like adriana lima she's too pretty to look like her. please do not insult irina with her looking like adriana.

I might be late on this but since I haven't visited the thread I'm responding now - better late than never. I think it's an insult that you would respond so imaturely just because you dislike Adriana because you might not no this but she does have the biggest subforum on this site and therefore she has plenty more fans than Irina. Hmm and I never said they looked alike .. I said she reminded me of her, there's a difference.

I'm not saying Irina or Adriana are ugly. I don't care. I'm saying you're immature, go take a pill or something :).


btw.. I pretty much adore her Intimissimi ads .. very nice. Thanks PC.

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  • olesyaole97 changed the title to Irina Shayk for “Oscar de La Renta” Pre-fall 2021

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