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Survival of the fittest competition


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Ok, so I've decided to start it :ninja:

Here we are. This is exactly the same concept as in the Survival of the fittest competition located in the babe polls section.


but for men.

Any kind of man can be added in the competition, models, actors, singers, athletes, good looking, ugly, talented, not talented, known, unknown, young, old...Diversity is very welcomed.

I think it would be very interesting.

As not many people vote in the guys section, I think we're going to go to 5/6 points. Let's just start with 6, first guy to 6 wins (we'll change if there's not enough/or too many voters).

So as a reminder :

-Each time we feature one man vs the other until one of the two gets 6 points.

-Every person can only post 1 time in each round and has to give 1 point to the man of their choice.

-The one who gave the winning vote can choose another man who will be battling against the winning one to see which of the 2 would get 6.

(rules credit to Aranka)

I'm going to start with two actors I just randomly chosed, but remember they dont need to necessarily be actors.

Shia LaBeouf



Eric Bana


Shia LaBeouf [0]

Eric Bana [0]

Btw, I dont know how to do collages :ninja: , but feel free to add prettier stuff if you know how to do it.

And this is meant to be everyone's thread so feel free to "manage" it / do updates...

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well then...

Shia LaBeouf [1]

Eric [3] ? did i get it right?

That's it !

You chose to vote for Eric so he now gets 3 points.

The matchup stops when one of the two guys arrives to 6 points.

Current results

Shia LaBeouf [1]

Eric Bana [3]

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