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Let's ask Cleverbot about BZ!


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Cleverbot is one of those freaky, yet oddly compelling AI conversation sites, where you can type in anything and get a randomly generated response. So, I thought maybe we could try and talk to it about BZ's hottest topics and see what funny or weird responses were forthcoming. Hours of fun, right? Well, here's hoping... :laugh:

PLEASE NOTE: Cleverbot learns from real people - things it says may seem inappropriate - use with discretion.

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Me: Can you tell the difference between Lindsey Ellingson and Erin Heatherton?

CB: Do you know anyone who can?

What do you mean?

How dare you question me!!!!

Which BZ topic do you prefer - Bar Refaeli's or Candice Swanepoel's?

Cars.. I am allergic to horses.

Will blackrain ever speak to any of us?

No. I am sorry. Good night.

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OMG :rofl: I love this thing already :laugh:

Who would win in a fight between Marisa Miller and Adriana Lima?

CB: I cannot believe that Merlin and Gandalf would fight.

Do you think someday Heidi Klum will take over the world?

CB: Yeah probably. It woudn't surprise me at all. They are smarter and more efficient than humans are.

Do you think the Elle with Adriana will sell more copies than the one with Doutzen?

CB: I don't know, I do like the numa numa dance.

What's my bedtime?

Your name is Carlos.


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