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Modelknowledge's Requests


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On 8/10/2011 at 10:36 PM, modelknowledge said:

If you need a full name, model id for a look book, more images, or info on a model, please write to me here. My mailbox is filling up way too easy. I thought this is a better solution.

If you need the full name of a model, Add her first name and agency.

If you need a model id, please add the client, photography, or source of where you found the images.

If you need info on a model, please add her name and preferable an agency.

If you need more images, send me the model's thread link.

Remember the more info you have the better.





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Who is this model/are these models? (I couldn't understand whether the one in bikini and the one in blouse are the same or not)


I found the pictures while I was browsing pictures of next management. 

She looks like Lily François (I couldn't find a Lily François thread on Bellazon either) but I am not sure.





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Can you help me find about her? This is a chinese brand. I couldn’t find any information about her. You can search ‘Flowerscoming dress’ on google, you will get many pictures of her. Some are from pinterest, others are from Taobao.

Her info is literally nowhere in the internet perhaps!

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