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Charlize Theron


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from the movie hancock stills

the ones on page 24 have died so i am uploading them in HQ

love her look in the fight seen...if you watch closely you can see the different moods she goes thru trying not to kill him :)

also love when she hit will with the cement mixer truck...i could feel it all the way to my seat...had to hurt :)

also on a side note there is a hancock 2 comeing out and the whole cast from 1 will be in 2 can wait to see it..

well enjoy the pics

peace AA

180a8282010683.gif 087dca82010688.gif 0e821d82010682.gif 5ad20582010676.gif a6230082010677.gif 0df79582010687.gif 1da73982010693.gif c09a5882010692.gif 31fe0c82010701.gif 5f010782010696.gif 4c9e0882010698.gif a3acea82010703.gif 2de77682010699.gif fd5ed082010719.gif dbaa9582010705.gif bb8f2b82010706.gif 5f845e82010709.gif f327fe82010710.gif 0490b282010713.gif fa8c4582010712.gif 3f9b9982010715.gif 1efea482010717.gif ae70a182010722.gif a1d64682010720.gif f5d74e82010729.gif cefa3582010724.gif a1a78782010725.gif b1326482010727.gif f8b1f382010732.gif 47ca0482010730.gif 34885a82010742.gif 65ea1382010735.gif a8088482010737.gif b4918a82010739.gif 88468182010745.gif f3982682010743.gif 2bcbd282010756.gif daecac82010747.gif 28224e82010749.gif 1bf81c82010752.gif ddc5c582010761.gif 957c8382010757.gif e78a6482010771.gif 98c15c82010762.gif f57a9982010767.gif 229d2082010768.gif 03c71682010775.gif a2c9b282010772.gif 5d5d1182010777.gif 90396982010781.gif e04a9782010779.gif bf1a7582010790.gif da56c882010784.gif ba627b82010785.gif 10159d82010789.gif 8b212182010796.gif bbe7d682010792.gif d2275d82010793.gif ec836882010795.gif d8dec882010806.gif 88413082010798.gif 47eb0282010799.gif 937af882010800.gif 7283fd82010802.gif e8cd5182010803.gif aadc0982010809.gif 56237182010807.gif 80cf4582010815.gif e24f3f82010810.gif 94a41882010812.gif 0ed10882010814.gif b1740582010822.gif decbdc82010818.gif a3bf5f82010819.gif a5bccb82010821.gif 5b83de82010847.gif 24dfab82010824.gif c7874582010825.gif b85d7682010828.gif 2befed82010829.gif 0b984782010831.gif 278a0f82010833.gif f3cd1382010835.gif 1ee43f82010837.gif 7b00e382010839.gif 2a786d82010841.gif c9833c82010844.gif d1e75282010850.gif 982abf82010848.gif cc3b8d82010859.gif 933c3582010852.gif 758cc282010854.gif 464e6382010855.gif c81dd482010862.gif 54b82282010858.gif 58e9a382010867.gif 64dcb582010861.gif 9770ca82010866.gif 36320682010876.gif d134e982010871.gif c3c85882010870.gif 47c0cd82010877.gif 0c17d082010881.gif 9a7a5882010890.gif 159b7982010882.gif 40ecbc82010884.gif cb8a5582010886.gif e381af82010896.gif f6104482010889.gif 000dcd82010904.gif 9266fb82010892.gif 6496d982010895.gif e521f882010899.gif efd86482010898.gif 018aab82010901.gif 92824f82010908.gif 9e3fab82010905.gif 18305f82010909.gif ab196082010911.gif e100d382010912.gif 808e4382010927.gif 2f0f8482010917.gif 4a833b82010920.gif de1c1282010919.gif 2b7f1b82010916.gif e120f182010922.gif

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