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Gorgeous model with dreadlocks


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^^ love the picture, i have dreads myself :yes:

But.....having those dreadlocks means shes not a high fashion or swimsuit/victorias secret type either

my guess is that shes more of a suicide girl type.... and i dont know how to i.d. them

good luck, though! hopefully youll get lucky and a bz member knows who she is

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I know her first name could quite possibly Leah. The link MK, sent. Above the pic there is a small title in Russian, which when translated means 'Leah.'

The title "Лия" = Leah.

And the photo was by Michael Solokhin 'Солохин Михаил'

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^ Is that suppose to be sarcastic? :rofl: or no? Lol

This girl might not even be a fashion model. And if she was she'd most likely be with a Russian agency. :/

no. google translate really helps alot. im serious.

but just because there is a name with a picture doesn't mean she will have an agency.

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