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7 Models from german fashion catalogs from the 90s


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Here are all of them:


I think these are not necessarily german models as I've seen them also in scans from british and french cataloges!

Seen often in "Klingel" and "Neckermann" catalogs (1993-2001):


ID'ed: Erica Vilardi


Seen often in "Heine" and "Neckermann" catalogs (1992-1999):



-> ID'ed as Pazit Hardin / Pazit Cohen: http://www.mc2models.com/tel/men/40-pazit-hardin/


Also from "Klingel" and "Neckermann" catalogs (1992-2007):


Also from "Neckermann" and "Bon-Brix" catalogs (1994-2000):


Seen often in "Klingel" and catalogs (1995-2011):


ID'ed: Danielle Zwannikken


Also from "Heine", "Bon-Brix" and "Neckermann" catalogs (1993-2000):


Also from "Neckermann" catalogs (1994-999):


Anybody knows names, nationality or anything to ID them?

Thanks in advance!!

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where did you find those??

if these models are still modeling check these agencies first:

Model Management Classic

MGM Models Best Ager Ad

Modelwerk Best Ager

Louisa Modes Commercial

MD Management Commercial/Classic

Okay Models Classics

Talents Models Munich Classic

Most Wanted

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