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I AM the Biggest fan revival


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In the first round we have 20 groups with 5 women in each group. You have to give points to every woman in each round, from 0 to 5, according to if you like her, love her, hate her or at least respect her (or not respect her). In the end, the 60 women with the most points will go to the second round, 40 are eliminated.

Please, remember that the score the woman will obtain in this round will go with her through the whole competition, till the end. Example: if Alyssa Miller gains in this round 100 points, and in the second round 56, she will have 156, if she succeeds to the third round and gains 10 points, she already will have 166 and so on... so the scores are counted together. That means this first round is very important.

UPDATE: You can change any of your pics or vid during the whole competition, just send them to me via PM :)


GROUP C - 23.7.2012

Jessica Stam

Michea Crawford

Kristin Kreuk

Natasha Poly

Shanina Shaik

VOTING - Please, remember to give points to every woman in this round. It goes something like this - 5 for utter love and adoration and respect, 4 for respect / starting love / appreciation, 3 for more or less like her, but not that much / still hasn´t convinced you, 2 for "not care at all but it´s not bad at all, 1 for couldn´t care less and 0 for zero interest OR / AND hate ;)

ANNOUNCEMENT - The voting will be stopped on 25th of July 2012, it means you have 2 days to vote. I will also put noticement about this competition to each woman´s thread, as in the previous year. Hope everything is clear, if there are any questions, feel free to ask me.

NEWS - I will count only votes from members with more than 50 posts through the whole competition.


Jessica Stam 0 - 5

Michea Crawford 0 - 5

Kristin Kreuk 0 - 5

Natasha Poly 0 - 5

Shanina Shaik 0 - 5

72zyax.jpg 2z5vmnc.jpg 2jzm6q.jpg vhgmtc.jpg 20tid5w.jpg
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