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Louise Roe

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Louise Roe and her husband Mackenzie Hunkin are parents to a newborn baby girl Honor Florence Crosby Hunkin!

“The last few days have been a life-changing whirlwind and the best of my life. Welcoming our daughter, Honor Florence Crosby Hunkin, born January 11th. We are both doing well, and enjoying getting to know each other. @mackenziehunkin and I are just besotted,” Louise announced on her Instagram, along with an adorable family photo.

26226942_188553145223610_8085486478311817216_n.jpg 26275891_1331905060248043_4908936994131804160_n.jpg

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The Santa Barbara International Film Festival at Arlington Theatre on February 8, 2018 in Santa Barbara, California.

Louise+Roe+Belvedere+Vodka+Celebrates+Margot+e7EOp_N9C2Sx.jpg Louise+Roe+Belvedere+Vodka+Celebrates+Margot+E9OiWxtpsiXx.jpg Louise+Roe+Belvedere+Vodka+Celebrates+Margot+kw0L3Xnxg34x.jpg Louise+Roe+Belvedere+Vodka+Celebrates+Margot+zyT7r5MysWzx.jpg


Great British Film Reception honoring the British nominees of The 90th Annual Academy Awards on March 2, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Louise+Roe+Film+GREAT+Reception+Honoring+British+dRW4zv3mOeWx.jpg Louise+Roe+Film+GREAT+Reception+Honoring+British+dsXOQQ2899jx.jpg Louise+Roe+GREAT+British+Film+Reception+Honoring+d4uG6tz_2OPx.jpg Louise+Roe+GREAT+British+Film+Reception+Honoring+q_QCw073_mQx.jpg


Louise Roe and daughter Honor Florence Crosby attend AKID Brand's 3rd Annual 'The Egg Hunt' at Lombardi House on March 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Louise+Roe+AKID+Brand+3rd+Annual+Egg+Hunt+DAuA8XgaEq1x.jpg Louise+Roe+AKID+Brand+3rd+Annual+Egg+Hunt+txacv4CBSmcx.jpg

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 host shopping event at Intermix to benefit Children's Hospital Los Angeles' Make March Matter campaign on March 31, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+4oMoA83loNbx.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+65yKWrdd26fx.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+cd6OfWdv5mZx.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+eZ-Pqu0GB27x.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+lYQ2XdA-4i0x.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+M4aWAIRInLbx.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+PYCTI2UnZdjx.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+ubC6Rz5GsQax.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+uwCKk4o-phAx.jpg Louise+Roe+Louise+Roe+Jacey+Duprie+Host+Shopping+wrMHh7vz4kDx.jpg

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