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Rachel Cook

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1 hour ago, Cult Icon said:

basically she doesn't want to get a real job if she doesn't have to?  God forbid she rot in front of screen, push paper or move things around with her hands.  A long line right there..


I don't see the problem, especially as you said "if she doesn't have to". I mean for a lot of models IG opened a whole new world, you don't need a classic agency or contracts with certain brands. They can find their own work, they are essentially independent contractors and pick and choose who they work with if the brand is itnerested. Would you want to work for VS if they stipulated your meal plan, your work out plan, your travel plan, what you have to do in terms of interviews and marketing if you could earn the same amount by being freelance? Both has upsides and downsides.

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On 4/27/2020 at 12:28 AM, Nettie said:

I heard awhile ago that VS rejected her because she wasn't skinny enough. 

I love little cute butts and hers is muscular, too big for my taste. 

The only part of her that I don't like at all. Otherwise, extremely gorgeous. 

I'm team VS in this case.

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On 4/27/2020 at 11:41 AM, Sensual said:

That sounds ridiculous, especially now.

She's got charisma and personality, but to me she seems very indecisive with what she wants to do. 

That's true. I'm not saying she didn't play a role in it - I just think if she wasn't so indecisive and flighty, things probably might have worked out better. Not gonna lie, some of her decisions have made me raise my eyebrows. Especially whenever she decided to sell her house and live in a caravan with her mum, and then she changes her mind out of the blue 😂 but I'll say nothing more, hopefully she's happy now. 

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That's the great thing about BZ, you can see all her work going back to when she was a teenager to now. It's pretty obvious that it's more lucrative to be a glamour model than to be a HF type, plenty of extremely waifish girls out there, many who are taller and skinnier. Being glamour also has more longevity because it is much harder to stay with the HF look in one's mid to late 20's even with rigorous workouts. It is interesting that she is sliding from standard commercial modeling over to glamour and now towards softcore. You can't be 25 forever so she's taking full advantage.

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1. Although it is ok to express your opinions and constructive criticisms, please do it in a reasonable and respectable manner. There is no need to degrade discussions by baiting or bashing.


2A. Please keep discussions related to the topics of Rachel's career and projects she is involved in. Everything else should be discussed in private via PM or off of BZ.


2B. Extensive discussions such those irrelevant to Rachel's careers & projects and involving your "opinions" of her life choices (such as what she choose to do with her body) should not be discussed on BZ. There are numerous site you could do that at---do it there, not here. Any further violations will not be tolerated. Thanks! :thumbs_up:

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