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Marisa Miller

bar none

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Thanks for all the pics. BTW, when does VS Swim come out and when do we get news on the new SI Swimsuit issue (like cover, etc)

VS Swim will probably officially come out sometime in February (before spring break). We will know more about SISE either the second or third week of February.

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Palmtreechick wanted to know who the photographer was on this shoot.

It was Walter Chin who photographed Tori Praver for her rookie year, 2007, Sports Illustrated. At the time, he mentioned that, given the chance, he would rather "hang" with Isaac Hayes, who was shot with Tori, than "hang" with Tori. Guess he really, really liked Isaac. :rofl:

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Marisa is #3 on Askmen.com's Top 99 for 2009! :ddr: And she's the highest ranked model (Ale is #6, Heidi #11, Selita #17, and Adri #19).


Marisa Miller began 2008 by landing the coveted spot on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and she’s been nothing short of a phenomenon ever since. Victoria’s Secret made her an Angel, and she was the face and body of no less than three of the famed lingerie company’s highly successful 2008 product launches.

However, Marisa Miller’s appeal is more than skin deep -- her awareness of just where modeling fits in the grand scheme of things (not high) is endearing, and her service as an ambassador for the American Cancer Society is admirable indeed.


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